Unbreakable planters banish the problem of smashed pots to history – and save gardeners a fortune

Award-winning Tierra Verde eco-friendly ­­planters made from recycled rubber are preventing thousands of old tyres from being dumped in landfill, too

Gardeners rejoice! The days of containers toppling and smashing in gales, cracking after cold frosty nights or shattering when struck by a football are officially over! The new Tierra Verde collection of unbreakable eco-friendly planters from Primeur is set to revolutionise container gardening, and save gardeners a fortune in replacing damaged pots.


Tierra Verde planters, designed with timeless silhouettes and which offer unrivalled durability, are crafted from recycled rubber from old tyres. Not only does this make Tierra Verde the ultimate range of eco-friendly planters, but by giving old tyres a new lease of life, the line-up is helping to prevent a mountain of rubber from being dumped in landfill. Each planter is supplied with a self-watering base, allowing the range to be used inside homes as well as in the garden.


Primeur’s Sarah McLafferty said: “When containers crack in icy weather or blow over and shatter on stormy nights, gardeners are left to pick up a hefty bill for their replacement. Tierra Verde containers are a game changer: tough enough to withstand the harshest of weather without suffering damage. Rubber has an incredible ability to expand and contract as temperatures change, so freezing winters or baking hot summers won’t cause containers to split or degrade. It’s all down to the ingredient – recycled rubber tyres. If you think about the punishing conditions that a tyre has to endure during its life on your car, you can appreciate just how tough recycled rubber is. The result is Tierra Verde – a collection of unbreakable planters that have been engineered for all seasons.”


Globally, 2.5billion tyres are produced every year, creating a huge volume of waste at the end of their serviceable life. With each tyre containing over 200 ingredients, it can take 80 years for a waste tyre to decompose – but 6kg of rubber crumb can be recycled from just one tyre, providing an ultra-tough ingredient that gives Tierra Verde planters their unique level of durability.


Recycled rubber used to form Tierra Verde planters – which won the coveted Garden Industry Manufacturers’ Association’s (GIMA) Sword of Excellence – is mould and mildew resistant. This eliminates the tedious and messy chore of scrubbing green algae from containers or blasting it away using a pressure washer. Because rubber is a softer alternative to glazed or Terracotta containers, it’s a safer option to use in garden where children and pets play. Plus, rubber containers won’t fade, stain or rot – even during scorching summers or freezing winters.


Tierra Verde planters comprise a number of collections, ensuring that styles and sizes are available to suit every taste. Sonata and Symphony planters with their elegant tapered appearance are offered in pewter or slate with heights ranging from 33cm to 71cm.


For gardeners looking to stage a bold, wow factor effect, Horizon, Serenity and Vitality planters (also available in pewter or slate) stand 67cm tall, blending seamlessly into contemporary or traditional gardens. To cater for shoppers looking for slate coloured squares, Citadelle planters are just the ticket, while slate-effect Allegria hanging planters bring the benefits and toughness of recycled rubber to suspended floral displays.


To find a local stockist of Primeur’s Recycled Rubber Border Collection, call 01274 518800, visit the website at www.primeur.co.uk or email sales@primeur.ltd.uk




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