DLF Seeds reports strong pre-season orders for Neudorff’s natural gardening range

DLF Seeds, the exclusive new distributor for Neudorff, is reporting strong pre-season orders for the German natural gardening pioneer’s leading product portfolio.   


Since striking the agreement in September, DLF Seeds, owner of the leading Johnsons Lawn Seed brand, says the Neudorff range – which carries the company’s iconic sunflower branding – has been well received by retail stockists across the UK.


Johnsons Lawn Seed’s Consumer Manager, Guy Jenkins, said: “It has been fantastic to experience so much positivity from stockists since becoming the exclusive distributor for Neudorff. There is a natural synergy between Johnsons’ and Neudorff’s leading ranges of stand-out products, and combining both into DLF Seeds’ distribution system has resulted in an excellent sell-in to retail outlets across the UK, with the ranges well-received by stockists.

“The naturals category is a growth area within garden centres and Neudorff’s product line-up for eco-conscious gardeners really chimes with stockists who are experiencing increasing footfall in sales areas dedicated to green gardening solutions. Neudorff’s product range is right on-trend, with enquiries and orders coming in fast from garden centre groups as well as independent retailers. Neudorff’s glyphosate-free weedkillers, metaldehyde-free slug and snail bait, neonicotinoid-free bug and larvae killers and organic feeds have all performed strongly ahead of the 2020 season.” Guy added: “A clear sign to the customer: Neudorff has the widest range of products certified by the Organic Farmers & Growers Association.”


DLF Seeds’ distribution network has an exceptional level of UK coverage, and the market has responded positively to being able to obtain the Neudorff range – a proven seller – from the same distributor as the leading collection of Johnsons Lawn Seed products.


Natural crossover between Neudorff’s collection of products for natural gardening and Johnsons Lawn Seeds’ portfolio of lawn seed and fertiliser caters perfectly for the needs of modern consumers, hitting the current trend for chemical-free gardening and enabling retailers to continue to offer Neudorff’s comprehensive range.

The joint offering is driven by innovation, and Neudorff’s recently introduced off-the-shelf nematodes that control leatherjackets, lawn grubs and vine weevils are proving to be a game-changer for the sector, as the beneficial biological controls don’t have to be stored in fridges prior to use and offer retailers a long shelf life.


Neudorff has been a key player in the naturals sector since entering the UK market in 2012. With over 160 years’ experience in developing and producing products for the garden and home markets, the business has expanded globally while the Neudorff brand is now firmly established in the UK as a first choice for environmentally conscious consumers, as well as having a presence in more than 20 countries around the globe.


The exclusive distribution agreement with DLF Seeds has been perfectly timed, as growing numbers of organic and veganic gardeners are driving growth in the UK market for eco-conscious gardening.


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To find out more about Johnsons Lawn Seed products please visit www.johnsonslawnseed.com/product-range.aspx or for more information about Neudorff’s leading natural gardening portfolio, visit www.neudorff.co.uk




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