Put your classic car to bed with Millers Oils

Winter is famously a time for hibernation and classic car owners will know this better than most. With their investment adverse to the tough conditions, most classic cars are ‘tucked up’ for the winter months to protect them from freezing temperatures and the salt and sludge that personifies the UK winter. Getting your car ready for ‘bed’ isn’t always straight forward but with Millers Oils Classic Car Treatments you can rest assured that your precious vehicle is in safe hands.


Whilst a classic car is in ‘lay-up’ mode the engine is potentially liable to corrosion. Damp conditions and extreme cold temperatures can see water condense on the engine, causing slow eroding corrosion. One way to prevent this is to use Millers Oils’ Tank Safe.


Tank Safe is a high-quality additive which provides anti-corrosion protection, and vapour phase inhibition (VPI) in both the fuel tank and fuel system. Adding a single bottle of Tank Safe to the fuel tank of any petrol-fuelled engine – be it carburettor or fuel injected, or leaded, unleaded or oxygenated fuel – during the ‘lay-up’ period will offer winter-long protection. Further benefits include improvement of carburettor cleanliness, and economical treatment rates.


Classic owner owners can also turn to Millers Oils’ VSPe Power Plus and Power Plus Multishot for additional protection. Approved by the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs (FBHVC) these ‘all in one’ shots provide ethanol protection, lead replacement and octane improvement, and are recommended for all classic engines that previously required leaded fuel and are now running on unleaded fuel. One bottle treats up to 50 litres of fuel. Additional benefits include:

  • Adds up to 2 octane numbers (20 points) to unleaded fuel
  • Prevents valve seat recession when used with unhardened valve seats
  • Prevents detonation, hot spots & running on
  • Prevents fuel system corrosion and helps to protect components
  • Combats the adverse effects of ethanol in fuel (up to E10)
  • Carburettor anti-icing formula
  • Contains anti-oxidant to improve fuel life


The Millers Oils Classic Treatments

In addition to Tank Safe and VSPe, Millers Oils also offers classic car owners a wide range of treatments developed specifically to complement the classic range, enhancing vehicle performance and providing protection. Look out for:

  • Classic Sport CLVe – a valve seat lubrication and combustion enhancer based on advanced technology, providing ethanol protection. Classic Sport CLVe prevents fuel system corrosion and helps to protect components.
  • EPS Ethanol Protection Additive – this product is a fuel treatment which provides ethanol protection when using unleaded fuel. Prevents fuel system corrosion and helps to protect components. Also compatible with catalytic converters.



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To find out more about the Classic Car range from Millers Oils range please visit www.millersoils.co.uk or call 01484 713201. To find out which oil is right for your vehicle why not try the WhichOil? Search tool – simply input the vehicle registration and the specialist search tool will present compatible oil options.  




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