Ground-breaking William Morris collection is set to grow as Woodlodge adds classic Victorian designs to the iconic range

Woodlodge is expanding its ground-breaking William Morris collection, inspired by the arts and crafts movement designer, with two high-profile new products set to drive sales growth during the 2020 season.


A game-changer in the pots and containers retail category, the William Morris pottery collection combines classic Victorian elegance with modern ceramic style. To build on the success of the range, the collection will expand for 2020 with the launch of Woodlodge’s new William Morris Bird Bath (RRP £69.99). The classic, timeless design in Terracotta features Morris’s initials and trademark willow bough artwork, which is experiencing a renaissance in demand in the world of interior décor.

Fresh for 2020 in the expanded William Morris collection is a line-up of classic faux lead squares, also sporting William Morris’s much-loved willow bough designs and initials. Set to be available in faux lead and fashionable verdigris, the classy squares offer the potential to add instant class to any doorway, patio or outdoor space, with sizes ranging from 27cm – 45cm and RRPs from £19.99 to £54.99.

Michael Wooldridge, Managing Director at Woodlodge, said: “Ever since its launch, the William Morris range has ticked all the boxes for buyers, blending stand-out, iconic Victorian chic with a modern twist that appeals to consumers who regard their outdoor space as an extension of the home. The new William Morris Bird Bath will build on this success, appealing to wildlife lovers who want to watch wild birds in their gardens, as well as to purchasers who increasingly believe that interior fashion can play an important role in the garden, too. The addition of William Morris faux lead squares further raises the bar, offering style-conscious consumers an instant solution that perfectly complements a wide range of popular plants, from stately formal topiary shapes to shrubs for year-round interest. These additions offer significant potential to rack-up impulse sales and help retailers to further expand the buoyant pots and containers category.”


Ever since its debut, sales of Woodlodge’s William Morris collection have helped to support events, exhibitions and educational projects at the William Morris Gallery in London. Based at Morris’s former childhood home in Walthamstow, the Grade II-listed building is the only public museum that’s devoted to the life and legacy of Britain’s most inspiring designer – and hosts the world’s largest collection of his work.


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