Introducing new Trident 10 from Millers Oils

Four new product introductions join the Trident range 

Millers Oils has confirmed that its popular Trident range has been recently updated with the introduction of four new products, taking the total number of market leading oils in the range to 10.


Blended in the UK by Millers Oils, Trident 10 is backed by over 130 years of unrivalled oil blending experience. The range is designed to meet the latest European emissions standards requiring ACEA C1, C2, C3 & C4 specifications, and offers a wide range of viscosities and specifications. Suitable for both petrol, diesel and hybrid engines, Trident 10 covers the majority of the UK car parc.  Making it the top choice for mechanics, motor factors, and is ideal for high volume use in the workshop searching for the most cost-effective lubricants solution in the market.


At a glance: new Trident 10 range offers unrivalled benefits

  • Better fuel economy and reduced engine wear due to the inclusion of specialist additives.
  • Improved combustion as a result of high levels of engine cleanliness and sludge control thanks to optimum levels of detergents and dispersants.
  • Maximum engine protection is provided as Trident 10 oils maintain the optimum oil viscosity even under severe operating conditions.
  • Efficient cold-start (down to as low as -30°C) thanks to excellent low temperature flow as a result of the synthetic technology used. This ensures the rapid protection of vital components, as most engine wear occurs during start up.
  • Protected and prolonged engine life due to the exceptional viscosity stability at high temperatures and severe operating conditions.
  • Achievable level of performance throughout the OEM oil change interval and increased protection via a stronger oil film between metallic components.
  • Catalyst and DPF compatible thanks to the low and mid SAPS (sulphated ash, phosphorus and sulphur) formulations.







Trident Full SAPS range

  • Trident 5w30
  • Trident Long-life fuel economy 5w30
  • Trident 5w40
  • Trident 10w40


Trident Mid SAPS range

  • Trident Longlife C2 5w30
  • Trident Longlife C2 C3 5w30
  • Trident Longlife 5w30
  • Trident Longlife 5w40



Trident Longlife Low SAPS range

  • Trident Longlife C1 5w30
  • Trident Longlife C4 5w30



All Trident 10 oils come as 1 litre, 5 litre and 20 litre packs. An additional 199 litre, and bulk delivery options are also available.


Find out more

To find out more about the new Trident 10 range from Millers Oils range please visit or call 01484 713201. To find out which oil is right for your vehicle why not try the WhichOil? Search tool – simply input the vehicle registration and the specialist search tool will present compatible oil options.  




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