MO Bacter Instant Lawn Tonic – the 100% solution to persistent moss in lawns

DJ Turfcare confirms new lawn care innovation for 2020 season

Given the climate in this island moss is an ever-present problem for lawns. We can deal it a blow by using products like MO Bacter fertiliser, but moss produces spores which it leaves behind, and these spores can survive summer droughts only to re-infest the lawn during the autumn and can continue to thrive during our warm and wet winters particularly when grass growth is at a standstill. It then suffocates the grass as it tries to establish its self again in the spring.


DJ Turfcare launched the new product at the recent Glee exhibition (10th – 12th September, NEC Birmingham), and claims it which will help to solve this problem for lawn owners throughout the country. Introducing 100% organic ‘MO Bacter Instant’ – the new generation of the award-winning, RHS endorsed organic lawn fertiliser, Mo Bacter.

Mo Bacter Instant – which is both pet and child safe – comes in a two-litre bottle and should be diluted with nine parts water. Simply use as a spray or with a watering can, applying the diluted mix directly to the area of moss and leave for 24 hours. The dead moss can then be raked out, and reseeding can take place straight away.

Mo Bacter Instant can be used year-round, and even after mowing.  A single two-litre bottle of Mo Bacter Instant will treat an area up to 200m2.




Mo Bacter Instants, like all the organic feeds in the DJ Turfcare portfolio, won’t burn plants as so many chemical based fertilisers can do. The product will also not stain patios or garden furniture.

More importantly, Mo Bacter Instant fits the green agenda, providing a truly organic solution.

While some lawncare products have evolved beyond recognition in recent years, gardeners are still being advised to kill moss with sulphate of iron – an entirely outdated and non-environmentally friendly process.

David Jenkins, Managing Director of DJ Turfcare, said: “I believe that MO Bacter Instant will prove to be the ideal answer to persistent and difficult moss problems.”

MO Bacter Instant Lawn Tonic is part of the Viano family of premium quality organic fertilisers, established in Belgium in 1948 and distributed in the UK by Surrey-based DJ Turfcare. Viano concentrates on organic products which unlike chemical-based products, don’t harm the environment.

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