Introducing Nature Safe – the new range of 100% organic plant and lawn feeds from Hygeia

There is no doubt that organic gardening is growing in popularity. Where chemical based solutions once dominated, there is now a clear and distinct shift towards a need and want for greener solutions. The obvious driver of this has been the rise of Grow-Your-Own as consumers look to reduce their food miles and take responsibility for the impact their diet has upon the environment. However, a new revolution is taking over – veganism – which is seeing green and organic product ranges benefiting from exponential growth.

It is estimated that there are now 3.5million vegans in the UK (*Comparethemarket, 2018). Similarly, The Guardian reported in 2018 that one in eight of the population now identifies as vegan or vegetarian. According to The Vegan Society, in 2018, the UK launched more vegan products than any other nation.

Introducing Nature Safe

With vegans cutting all animal-based products out of purchasing decisions, and growing demand for natural, organic solutions, a new generation of eco-friendly products that are free from animal derivatives and chemicals are driving change. One supplier who has recognised this potential is Ireland based, Hygeia. This Glee, the company has officially launched ‘Nature Safe’, a complete range of eco- friendly, 100% organic plant and lawn feeds that perfectly fit the vegan and organic agenda.

Tapping into a more sustainable style of gardening, the Nature Safe range – exclusive to Hygeia – offers four exciting new products: Lawn Feed with Seed, Patch Fix Seed with Feed, Granular Plant Food, and Liquid Plant Food with Seaweed.

Safe for use around children and pets, the Nature Safe range is completely plant based, and uses no animal by-products or poultry additions. Each product is designed to promote a healthy eco-system and are bee-friendly ensuring that our essential pollinators are kept safe and sound.

Hygeia’s Tom Stolworthy said: “Nature Safe is the perfect range for retailers wanting to offer their customers vegan and organic gardening solutions. The unique formulation is specifically designed to reinvigorate nature with natural ingredients and optimal micro-organisms, which means users can rest assured that each time they use a Nature safe product, they will be putting goodness back into the earth. What’s more, these products are backed by 80 years of innovation, experience and passion, and unrivalled R&D to ensure that every product deliver quality results every time.”

 The Nature Safe range





 Nature Safe Lawn Feed – “Nothing added but nature”

  • A single 10kg pack covers an area up to 200m2
  • Feed lawns and enriches soil
  • Thickens lawns
  • Naturally supresses weeds


Nature Safe Patch Fix Lawn Seed

  • 100% organic plant-based fertiliser feed and seed
  • Repairs patches quickly
  • Revitalises worn patches
  • Promotes healthy soil
  • Available in 1kg pack


Nature Safe Plant Food

  • 100% plant-based organic matter
  • Offers quick and continuous feeding
  • Promotes a naturally healthy eco-system
  • Produces strong healthy plants
  • Available as a 10kg pack


Nature Safe Organic Plant Food

  • 100% organic plant food with seaweed
  • Improves plant immunity
  • Enriches soil
  • Yields more fruit and enhances colour
  • Available as both a 1kg and 20kh refillable pack

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