Hygeia launches new refill retail concept designed to cut dependency on single-use plastics

As a leading supplier of organic and veganic plant and lawn feeds, Hygeia is clearly a brand that cares for the environment. Now the brand has taken this a step further to strengthen both its own green credentials, and those of its retail customers and end-users with the introduction of its new refill retail concept – designed to dramatically reduce single-use plastic within the fertiliser and plant food product category.

 Available as a 20-litre pack, the new Hygeia dispenser-style packaging is designed to enable consumers to refill their own vessels (maximum 1-litre dispense) with either the new-for-2019 Nature Safe 100% organic Liquid Seaweed Plant Food, or the ever-popular Goulding Concentrated Tomato Feed. In doing so, Hygeia believes that thousands of single-use bottles could be saved from going into landfill each season.


Tom Stolworthy, Hygeia’s UK Country Manager said: “The popularity of tomato growing continues to flourish, with over three quarters of domestic greenhouses being home to tomato plants. Couple this with the fact that tomato feed enjoys such a great reputation, and it’s easy to predict that each season there will be thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of bottles of tomato feed purchased to ensure a bumper crop. Whilst the need for such feeds hasn’t waned, the desire to reduce the packaging impact has. Our new refillable concept – available for both tomato feeds and our new Organic Seaweed Plant Food – is designed to minimise packaging waste without compromising on the quality of the product on offer.


“What’s more, the new ‘bag in a box’ dispenser will also reduce space taken up on the retail shelf, providing retailers with a better return on investment than traditional plastic bottles. This is a real win/win concept for retailers, and one that delivers a viable alternative to the single-use plastic issue that is shaping both the political and economical agenda. At Hygeia we’re dedicated to limiting our impact upon the environment and will continue to push core green messaging and associated products.”

Not only does Hygeia’s new refill concept offer the potential to significantly reduce dependency on single-use plastics, but its launch at Glee will blend perfectly with the ‘Power of One’ – a new initiative being adopted at the show where exhibitors and visitors will be asked to commit to one small change that will reduce their impact on the planet. With ‘pledgers’ receiving a free reusable water bottle supplied by Glee Power of One partner, Summit International, Hygeia is also urging the industry to extend the concept from drinks bottles to fertilisers, by pledging to trial its new refill retail concept and help customers to cut their reliance on single-use plastics.


To find out more about Hygeia please visit www.hygeia.ie / www.mygardenexpert.com



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