Material matters: LifestyleGarden® becomes synonymous with material innovation

For many retailers the LifestyleGarden® brand is recognisable by the quality of product it continues to deliver season after season. Driven by design, and changing consumer trends, LifestyleGarden® is a brand that responds and adapts to market demands. This need to adapt is clearly demonstrated by the brand’s commitment to bringing to market unique materials which offer both retailers and consumers a real point of difference, whilst riding high on the sustainable and eco-conscious agenda.   


DuraBoard® is one material which has created a lot of noise in the marketplace since its introduction. Built to last a lifetime, Duraboard® – an innovative material for outdoor table tops – is an environmentally friendly material that is durable, highly UV-resistant and has a unique surface finish.  It features two main components, eucalyptus sawdust and polyethylene resin, extruded to create a strong, durable structure.  The table top is treated with a UV-coating process, receiving a multi-layer coating which makes it highly resistant to scratches and weather conditions.


The production of Duraboard® occurs entirely in-house, enabling each stage of the process to be closely monitored for quality control purposes. Due to the combination of the two components and the highly durable surface finish created, LifestyleGarden® Duraboard® is the future of table top surfaces.


Duragrain® is another unique and industry-leading innovation exclusively available from LifestyleGarden®. Providing protection for hardwood, this dual-layer coating allows the natural grain of the wood to be appreciated through the unique colour finish. What’s more, Duragrain® has been developed to provide the highest level of quality whilst also meeting the highest standards of environmental accountability, as the process only uses premium-quality, environmentally friendly, water-based paints from internationally renowned suppliers.


With plastic usage being high on the international agenda, LifestyleGarden® is extremely proud to confirm that it has already taken steps to reduce the impact of its plastic products, including Duresin. Duresin is a unique form of polypropylene with added fibre glass that is mould-injected in order to create hard-wearing, recyclable and maintenance-free products.


Of course, Duresin is just the beginning of the story as LifestyleGarden®’s latest innovation – DuraOcean® – has proven.

DuraOcean® represents the next generation of advanced material usage. The first commercially available garden chair of its type, the DuraOcean® is made from fishing nets, ropes and plastic waste collected from the ocean, as part of the Ocean Recovery Project. Produced in just four minutes, each DuraOcean® chair is made from marine plastic and is complemented by Brazilian FSC Eucalyptus. An industry first, the DuraOcean® from LifestyleGarden represents the future of truly sustainable and environmentally conscious design, helping in the fight against plastic which is blighting our world and considered the biggest threat to our precious ocean life.


Paul Cohen, UK Sales Director at LifestyleGarden®, said: “The world of outdoor furniture has moved on so much from traditional wood or wicker designs, but more than this we are operating in a world where people are taking more and more responsibility for their impact not just upon their own little corner of the world, but for the entire planet. As such, it is our responsibility as a leading supplier to bring to market material that meets all these expectations. Our current portfolio continues to deliver environmentally friendly solutions that don’t compromise on design, quality or product longevity, and this is something we will endeavor to build on in future product development.”


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