GIMA launches bespoke trends report, giving members an exclusive insight into the future

GIMA is set to launch a bespoke garden industry trends report at an exclusive new event for members. The presentation, which will act as a launchpad for the specially commissioned study, will arm suppliers with valuable tools to become market leaders in their sectors, rather than reacting to shifts in consumer behaviour.

‘Trends for the Garden Industry’ – a presentation to be held at Dobbies Garden Centre in Milton Keynes on 26th June – will see leading consumer and design trend agency Scarlett Opus reveal what consumers will be buying in 2020 and beyond. The agency, which has a proven track history in research and intelligence, was commissioned by GIMA to provide valuable trend content, as part of a new service for members that will help to future-proof their businesses.

Scarlett Opus’s report will throw the spotlight on key consumer lifestyle and outdoor living trends, pinpointing how insight can drive the development of new products and ranges. In addition, keynote briefings by Marcus Eyles, horticultural director of Dobbies Garden Centres, will discuss how suppliers need to adapt as future trends change the face of garden retail. With Dobbies now the UK’s biggest garden centre operator, following its acquisition of 31 Wyevale stores, Marcus will argue that suppliers need to embrace a more proactive strategy that keeps their businesses ahead of trends – rather than reacting to shifts in consumer behaviour.

The Trends Report will initially focus on several key consumer trends and then drill deeper into seven areas of garden retail: garden pots and planters; gloves, boots, clothing and textiles; hard landscaping, materials and surfaces; garden lighting; garden décor, ornaments, water features and structures; garden furniture and accessories; and packaging, labelling, merchandising and displays.

GIMA Director, Vicky Nuttall, said: “In an increasingly competitive market place, few businesses have sufficient time and resources to accurately forecast future trends. When teams are armed with insight into shifting patterns of consumer behaviour, it significantly reduces the level of risk in decision-making processes by empowering manufacturers and suppliers with the knowledge to precisely tailor products that will satisfy the needs of shoppers two or three years down the line.”

Delegates at the presentation will be equipped with critical insight that will help to inform planning, product development and sourcing, enabling suppliers to bring the right products to market at the perfect time. Knowledge of future trends ensures that product design, materials and colours meet consumer desires and expectations. Data from forecasters can help to inspire visual merchandising, too, whether in-store or online, while marketing messages will resonate with consumers – using a tone of voice that underpins confidence in a brand.

GIMA director, Vicky Nuttall, added: “This new interactive event will be an inspiring, exciting and challenging day that exclusively offers GIMA members a tool to future-proof their businesses. A host of activities – from merchandising to new product development, product updates, packaging, marketing plans and brand development can all benefit from trend-driven insight. Attendance is a must for members who want do drive sales growth and enhance experiences for their customers.”

GIMA members can already harness the power of quantitative data provided by Euromonitor, but the new Trends Report is an additional benefit. It will focus on how and when new trends will emerge, and probe situations that may cause trends to shift direction. The presentation follows GIMA’s successful Day Conference in Stratford-Upon-Avon on 10th April. The event, which focused on megatrends and the changing face of retailing, looked at how the impact of technology and changing sources of inspiration have the potential to disrupt traditional consumer shopping habits.

Full day delegate rates for the ‘Trends for the Garden Industry’ launch event are priced at just £225 (additional delegates £45) and include the launch and presentation of the Trends Report, a copy of the report, lunch, and interactive afternoon sessions focusing on the seven product categories and how future trends will shape them.

Half-day attendance is charged at a delegate rate of £175 (additional delegate rate: £25) and allows access to the morning presentation of the Trends Report, a copy of the report and lunch. However, half-day attendance doess not permit access to the afternoon sessions on product categories.

For more information about the Trends Report launch event, which is only available to GIMA members, or to book, email or call: 01959 564947.


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