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Whilst many brands were wrapping up for the year, Johnsons Lawn Seed was stepping into the spotlight with a special feature on BBC news.  The one-off report helped to not only highlight the Johnsons Lawn Seed brand, its world-class R&D facilities, and market-leading products, but also helped place the plight of UK lawns following this year’s extreme weather firmly at the fore.   

Recorded at the company’s Tewkesbury research facility and broadcast on New Year’s Eve, over 600,000 viewers tuned in to hear just how much time and effort goes into creating Britain’s best known lawn seed.

 Johnsons Lawn Seed Consumer Manager Guy Jenkins told BBC Midlands Today:  “We’re looking at breeding grasses that are more tolerant to drought, heat and cold weather — they also have to be very disease resistant too.  The breeding programme might take around 15 years, so we might start with thousands of different gene types — and in 15 years end up with a couple of varieties that we can actually use.”

Guy’s comment was proceeded by one from the news anchor: “Johnsons grass seed company has seen a 300% increase in demand after the summer’s baking hot weather damaged so many lawns.  Freezing cold temperatures followed by a summer long drought meant that many simply didn’t survive.  But now the Johnsons Lawn Seed research facility has been working hard to create new varieties that will be able to withstand more extreme weather in future.”

New products for 2019

DLF/Johnsons Lawn Seed’s most recent breakthroughs have included grass seed varieties with twice as many chromosomes, a leap forward in terms of resistance to drought, and the ability to grow thicker and healthier lawns.  Special seed coatings have also been introduced to ensure greater success with germination, and to quickly fill in gaps, most recently featured as a new addition to the company’s bestselling Luxury and Shady lawn mixtures.

The latest innovation from Johnsons is Super Smart Lawn Feed, a lawn feed consisting of beneficial bacteria, seaweed extract and mycorrhizae.  A ground breaking new product, the company expects Super Smart to perform particularly well as homeowners look to resurrect their lawns from any damage sustained the previous year.

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