Grass seed innovation seeks to address climate change

After the joint hottest summer on record1, many of the UK’s lawns were left in need of serious tender loving care this autumn, reflected in a surge in grass seed sales for garden centres.  Johnsons Lawn Seed, the UK consumer arm of multinational grass seed supplier DLF, saw a 300% year on year increase in autumn seed sales. 


It’s been a challenging year for many lawn owners in the UK, with the late spring and long hot summer affecting growth and causing an abundance of bare patches and weeds.  The recently published UK Climate Projections 20182 predicts summer temperatures to follow an upward trend, which would continue to put a strain on our oft envied green spaces.


Johnsons Lawn Seed Consumer Manager Guy Jenkins said:  “It’s been a ‘backward season’ for grass seed sales this year, with the ‘beast from the East’ shortening spring sowing times and the long hot summer meaning many gardeners needed to reseed their lawns.  However, we are very positive about the future due to the many advances in lawn care, grass breeding and seed coatings, ensuring British lawns can better cope with whatever the UK climate throws at it.”


Renowned for its world-leading grass breeding expertise, recent breakthroughs by the company include; drought resistant grass seed varieties with twice as many chromosomes, special seed coatings to ensure greater success with germination and to quickly fill in gaps, as well as seed coatings that can thicken the grass swards of lawns in a variety of situations.


Johnsons Lawn Seed’s newest product ‘Super Smart Lawn Feed’3 is the latest innovation from the company, developed to push the boundaries of natural lawn care even further.  100% organic, without using artificial fertiliser or animal by products, it’s an entirely unique root boosting blend of mychorrizal fungi, beneficial nitrogen fixing bacteria and seaweed extract.  Unlike other formulas it can be applied directly to grass in existing or newly sown lawns.




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