Beat the slugs the natural and chemical-free way with ecofective®

When it comes to pests, one of the most common and rampant nemesis to the UK gardener is the slug, which eat and destroy many a garden plant or seedling.  Wet weather over the winter and spring has provided ideal conditions for slugs to thrive, with the RHS calling 2018 a ‘bumper year’ for slug infestations in UK gardens.  With the wetter weather moving in to the country following the prolonged heatwave, slugs will now on the increase as we heard into the autumn months.

However, there has been some concern amongst consumers about the best way to combat slugs in the garden.  There has been much negative press around the use of metaldehyde, a toxic pesticide used by famers that is also found in slug pellets on retailers’ shelves.  If not applied properly metaldehyde can cause damage if it enters our waterways or if consumed by wildlife.

As a gardener, there may be concerns how such chemicals will affect children and pets in the family home but ecofective® has an alternative way to combat slugs which is safe, natural and kind to the environment.  ecofective’s Slug Defence granules are pesticide free and use “green technology” to protect plants.

Instead of directly killing the slug, ecofective’s Slug Defence granules form a physical barrier to surround slug vulnerable plants, helping them to remain safe from being eaten during the growing season.  Made from calcium silicate clay the granules – when watered – retain their shape and are long-lasting in the garden areas, unlike other types of clay repellents which degrade with rain and watering.  They are also reusable so at the end of the growing season, they can be dug into the garden soil, or mixed into next year’s compost.

The granules are easy to use; simply place a 2cm high ring around the plant. As the granules are made from naturally derived ingredients and contain nothing hazardous in accordance to UK/EU



Regulations, both children and pets can continue to use the treated area after application and the granules are perfectly safe for all garden wildlife.


Matt Jones of ecofective said: “In recent times, there has been a growth in eco-friendly products as they have entered consumers’ consciousness.  Programmes such as Blue Planet have opened our eyes to the damage caused to the planet by humans, with shoppers now choosing to buy from brands that demonstrate a clear focus on protecting the environment and wildlife for future generations.  Our ecofective range does not rely on conventional chemical pesticides or biocides but instead uses natural ingredients, and has been designed with families and animal lovers in mind, making it safe to use around our vulnerable bees and wildlife too.”

Slug Defence Granules available in 2 litres cartons – RRP £5.99.  Available from Homebase, Amazon and selected garden centres. Further details about Sipcam UK and its award-winning ecofective® product portfolio can be found at



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About Sipcam UK & ecofective®

ecofective® is part of the Sipcam Group, one of the world’s top 20 agricultural suppliers and the only Italian company in the business of global crop protection.


The family-owned group – with an annual turnover in excess of €500million – has a very impressive research and development capability, and through collaborations with universities and specialist research facilities is pioneering bio-technology to produce market leading control products, nutrients and bio-stimulants which will be key for the future of food production as conventional chemical technology becomes less available.


Sipcam is now in the exciting process of making the best of its professional technology available to the amateur gardener. It has much to offer today, and with an exciting pipeline of product developments still to come will be a key part of the EU retail marketplace moving forward.