Learn how to make compelling videos and increase your following

Robbie Cumming, our PR Account Manager, leads a double life.  Because when he’s not dreaming up new ideas for PR campaigns or writing and issuing press releases, he makes an additional living on YouTube.

“I’ll admit, my channel is pretty… niche,” Robbie says, “but the demand for the subject matter and style of content continues to rise.”  Filming, editing and uploading ‘voyage logs’ aboard his 42ft narrowboat home, Robbie takes the viewer on a journey with him along canals and rivers, reviewing local pubs and meeting interesting characters along the way.


Robbie’s following – although only at over 7,000 subscribers – has a high level of engagement, with hundreds of comments being made each week, merchandise featuring his (partly ironic) catchphrase ‘let’s crank it’, and a Patreon site which allows viewers to join the ‘Crank It Crew’.  “Creating and maintaining a successful YouTube channel is very difficult.  Not only do you have to make relevant content – but you also have to sell that content in with eye-catching thumbnails and even catchier headlines.  So my experience in PR obviously really helps with that.”


Robbie can provide you with on-site training, consultation and answer any questions, all with the strictest of confidence and without any long-term commitments.  Robbie has previously done the same for the Amateur Gardening editorial team and edited a series of how-to videos for them – click the following link for an example – https://youtu.be/X70DsHf-luQ.


Some of the things Robbie can help you with:

  • Setting up shop – hands on help launching your social media accounts quickly and with confidence
  • Creating a social media strategy – with templates and fully illustrated guide
  • Solving existing problems – look at challenges, what’s working, what’s not
  • Branding – easy ways to ensure a unified look, image guidelines for social media
  • Copyright issues – how to avoid getting penalised by licensing agencies
  • Customer complaints – how to deal with ‘trolls’
  • Measuring success – learning how to use native measurement tools and set goals
  • Frequency of posting – how to manage your time effectively and still get results
  • Ongoing support


Robbie Cumming is PR Account Manager for Hornby Whitefoot, and YouTube creator (www.youtube.com/robbiecumming)  Currently living aboard narrowboat ‘Naughty Lass’ Robbie is based in Newark-on-Trent.  His website is http://crankit.onuniverse.com, his Twitter handle is @RobbieCumming, and on Instagram you can find him by searching for @Robbie_Cumming.


Robbie will appear as a speaker at this year’s HTA (Horticultural Trades Association) Marketing Seminar (more details here) in October.