Lawns will need reseeding after rain-free summer

Grass breeding specialist Johnsons Lawn Seed is warning its garden centre customers to stock up as increased demand is expected on lawn seed and turf ahead of the main season for lawn care.  The company has increased stocks of seed amid concerns for supply of turf from drought-hit growers across the UK.

UK lawns have suffered this summer due to a combined prolonged period of hot weather and low rainfall, which has caused the water table grass would usually draw from to drop well below its normal level.

Drought resistant lawn seed


Johnsons Lawn Seed

Lawn Thickener


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·         Faster germination and establishment


·         Reduces the need to sow seed and fertiliser separately


·         Nitrogen coating harmlessly deters birds


·         Child, pet and environmentally friendly

According to Guy Jenkins, Johnsons Lawn Seed’s Consumer Manager, not all grasses are made equal.  “Some grasses are better suited to the stresses caused by drought.  Our research and development team constantly travel the globe to collect seed from grasses that thrive in the harshest of conditions.  These grasses are used in our breeding programme to improve the resilience of lawns closer to home.  Most recently, breeding advances have been made on the very same perennial ryegrasses that are native to UK lawns, these varieties have twice the drought resistance and can germinate and establish in half the time.”


Future of UK lawns is bright (green)

With the recent progress in grass seed breeding, and in products such as Johnsons Lawn Seed’s Lawn Thickener, we can now expect much more resilience from our lawns in future.

“As a result of our breeding efforts, the lawn seed we produce now requires less watering, which is great news for gardeners that struggle with keeping their lawns green.”


Summer lawn advice: What to do now

With the heat of the summer still upon us, is it still worth rescuing what’s left of the lawn?  Guy Jenkins said: “It is if you can apply enough water at the right times – but equally if your lawn is completely yellow with bare patches all over, this may actually present a golden opportunity to get a much thicker, healthier lawn for next year.   This summer’s drought could have even saved you weedkiller and removed a whole step in the seeding process – as moss and weeds are already dead and ready to rake away.”


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