Woodlodge give sustainability the green light

In recent times, there has been a growing awareness and increasing resonance regarding environmental concerns, with suppliers and end users now recognising the importance of environmental responsibility and sustainability. One company that is taking steps to improve its impact upon the environment is Woodlodge – the UK’s leading supplier of garden pots. Here, the company’s Director, Michael Wooldridge, explains how sustainability is increasingly important for implementation within the business.


Renewable Energy

“Nestled in the Gloucestershire countryside, the Woodlodge operation has taken a number of steps to tackle issues such as energy efficiency and waste reductionreduce its environmental impact and save money.   One of our green initiatives on site is renewable energy.  All the energy we use to power our warehouses and offices on our 100,000-sq. ft. site comes from a renewable source, with energy generated from our own wind turbine supplemented by energy purchased from a renewable electricity supplier.  Wind turbines have become one of the most cost-effective forms of renewable energy and in 2016, we generated enough energy from our wind turbine to brew 1.4 million cups of tea!”



“Woodlodge has always put an emphasis on efficient waste management and recycling and uses suppliers who share our efforts to minimise waste. The cardboard and plastic packaging from our picked products is separated and made into bails on site for recycling.

“We collect used second-hand pallets from garden centres and re-use them for distribution of our own picked products.  As wooden pallets are essential to transport, distribution and storage of our goods, it makes sense to work with the industry and reuse pallets that would have otherwise been discarded, we are also helping garden centres with their waste management too so it’s a win-win situation.   We are always on the lookout for more garden centres who would like to join this scheme. If you would like to donate then please get in touch.

“One of the key components of a successful recycling campaign is staff engagement.  With employee numbers having almost doubled in the last five years, we now have a substantial workforce and have been working with them providing guidance on what materials can be included in each recycling bin makes it easier for people to do the right thing.

“Where possible, we now reuse or recycle all of our office waste which included paper, ink cartridges, computer supplies, redundant equipment and plastic such as milk bottles and food packaging.  A fun fact for you – 832 milk bottles are recycled by Woodlodge staff on site each year – we love tea!

Sustainable sources

“There is a clear acknowledgment in the industry and public conception that we now need to be more ethically conscious, and suppliers and manufacturers should offer both greener and safer alternatives.   Woodlodge’s Feather recycled range offer brightly coloured, striped, metallic or stone designs that are suitable for outdoor or indoor garden planting.   Each pot on the Feather range is constructed from 100% recycled but lightweight and durable plastic.  With millennials more environmentally and socially conscious than older generations, Feather has been the ideal range in terms of being both sustainable and aesthetically pleasing in balconies or small plots.

“We also ensure that our timber products are from well-managed, sustainable sources and are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified. This includes our garden furniture, which is made of FSC certified eucalyptus and our tree stakes, available in 4ft, 5ft, 6ft, 7ft and 8ft, made from certified hardwood for maximum durability and colour coded for easy identification at cash registers.

“For garden retailers, our plant stands and benching are made from FSC tantalised timber to ensure long term usage and to avoid any unnecessary waste.”

To find out more about how Woodlodge’s market leading product offering, please visit www.woodlodge.co.uk


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Notes to Editors:

Woodlodge is the UK’s leading supplier of garden pots, with a reputation for excellence and expertise in the design and distribution of gardenware. The family business has been trading since 1987, prioritising quality and end-to-end customer service. Woodlodge distributes products to over 2,000 garden centres and retail outlets nationwide.


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