Early signs of success for VivaGreen MossOff® and Johnsons Lawn Seed

The UK’s leading grass seed brand, Johnsons Lawn Seed has seen an encouraging start to 2018, thanks to the increasing sales of VivaGreen MossOff® – added to the company’s distribution portfolio in late 2017.

 The latest figures have proved positive with both the Multi-Surface and Lawn versions of MossOff successfully launched into hundreds of garden centres throughout the UK over the last six months.

Sales of MossOff have taken off in leading Scandinavian retailers with the product paving the way in chemical-free garden treatment in a marketplace where stricter regulation on potentially harmful chemicals is in force.

The last 12 months saw Johnsons’ parent company, DLF Seeds Ltd announce a new partnership with VivaGreen Group which sees them provide even more innovative lawn solutions to the garden centre customer.

MossOff uses a unique technology which is chemical free and completely safe for children, pets, plants, fish and pond life. It has an official derogation from the Chemicals Regulation Directorate and is made of natural ingredients. When diluted with water, MossOff offers a new and totally unique biocide-free way of killing and preventing moss and algae by suffocating the plants in a biofilm, rather than the use of harsh chemicals that attack the plant’s cell structure.

Interest was strong for MossOff and other Johnsons Lawn Seed products at the recent Garden Press Event in London.  Throughout the show, MossOff was praised by visiting media and bloggers for its environmentally sensitive, state-of-art way to treat moss and algae in the garden.

Johnsons’ latest innovation Lawn Thickener also attracted attention from editors the show.  Impressed with the developments in state-of-the-art seed production technology, editors agreed that Lawn Thickener, which guarantees 30% more grass than uncoated grass seed and faster germination thanks to the Seedbooster®, will be a key staple in the UK’s summer gardens.

It has also been an exciting start to 2018 for UK’s largest grass seed producer as it is set to enjoy a visit from a range of garden and home editors at their headquarters in Inkberrow and trials plots in Tewkesbury in the near future.

Consumer Manager, Guy Jenkins said: “Johnsons has enjoyed an encouraging start to its new relationship with VivaGreen and the sales of MossOff have been very positive as we head into the new gardening season. MossOff is a great product that Johnsons has a great synergy with in terms of product innovation and our own company ethos and it sits nicely within our existing range.  We continue to see strong demand for Johnsons’ cutting-edge lawn products which all feature our unique Green Lawn Technology and are the result of over a hundred years of research and development, with Lawn Thickener being one of our most advanced yet.  Our highly differentiated market positioning and competitive strategy, combined with our intensive R&D programme make for an exciting outlook and we remain confident in our ability to deliver further growth in the gardening sector.”

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