Introducing our new YouTube channel

Public relations is not just about press releases.  We live in a world that consumes more than just copy, and have done for some time.  With the rise in popularity of vlogging, and consumers using video in their everyday lives via social media, managing a company’s reputation takes an extra level of specialist knowledge, outside the realms of most PR agencies.

Our PR account manager Robbie Cumming has amassed a following of approximately 5,000 subscribers on his own YouTube channel – – with each video receiving anywhere between 5 to 20,000 views each.  So we are of course making the most of Robbie’s expertise, and have decided to launch our own channel!

Our new YouTube channel is predominantly aimed at independent businesses that don’t have the time or budget to create professional quality videos.  We’re aiming to prove that you don’t need fancy equipment to produce your own compelling content, just the knowledge and skills that we’ll provide to you.

Our first video has just been uploaded to YouTube – so please feel free to take a little look and let us know what you think in the comments section!