Feel good treats for furry friends with Pawbo Munch Latest add-on accessory launched in the UK at the end of October

Building on the success of the Pawbo+ since its 2016 launch, the latest addition to the Pawbo Theme Park is set to hit the UK pet product market. Giant tech brand Acer, the leading computer brand behind PAWBO, is launching Pawbo Munch, one of its IoT products, at the end of the month.

Pawbo Munch, described as ‘the feel-good treat dispenser for furry friends’, is a treat dispenser for pets with a difference. It can be operated by owners thanks to a remote control which is included, and in addition Pawbo+ users can view their pets at play with Munch via the Life app.

Pets will be entertained and stimulated for hours thanks to a LED display, audio speakers and smart treat dispenser. Munch comes with a clever ‘slot machine’ style game where dogs, cats and a whole myriad of domestic pets will be rewarded with varying amounts of treats. These nutritious and delicious rewards are dispensed from the slide or tray when symbols are matched at random, providing fun for both pets and owners alike. Not only that, but there is another key feature this clever gadget offers: Munch also plays catchy musical tunes, offering an entertainment ‘station’ that encourages stimulus and helps boost pet wellbeing, essential feel-good factors that pets need as much as humans.

This wellbeing factor is particularly significant, with an increasing focus nowadays on the importance of pet responsibility and pets’ mental health. With the increasing demands work can often bring, this is resulting in more owners being separated from their pets for longer periods.  In fact, a recent study conducted by Pawbo revealed that over 65% of the 1,000 current and former pet owners surveyed said their pet exhibited unusual anxiety-related behaviours when left at home alone. One of the most common behaviours cited by owners was pet “sadness or depression” stemming from separation anxiety.

Ben Wan, Chairman of Pawbo Inc said: “The vast majority of pet owners have concerns about leaving their pets at home – no matter if it’s for an hour or for longer periods – but unfortunately modern life demands that pets and pet owners be forced to be apart. Fortunately, technology can connect pets and pet owners alike to eliminate stress and anxiety all around.”

This is why Pawbo Munch isn’t just about treating pets, but also about having fun with them and providing them with daily stimulus. Its mutually beneficial offering means that not only are owners provided with an easy way to treat, play and interact with pets as a source of entertainment but perhaps more crucially, it affords pets an opportunity to interact with their owners, encourage stimulation and increase a sense of wellbeing and attachment to their owner, no matter the distance between them.

Munch is a long-awaited addition to the Pawbo Theme Park, a tailor-made concept created with the introduction of the Pawbo+ Wireless Interactive Pet Camera and designed to meet the needs of individual pets. It provides owners the unique opportunity to build their very own park, by adding accessories such as Pawbo Munch. Pawbo Catch, a remotely controlled Interactive Cat Teaser, is another recent addition to the range.

Pawbo Munch Features & Benefits:

  • Entertaining music and simple icons on screen that grab pets’ attention

The ‘slot machine’ game mode, music and eye-catching icon design on the LED screen display will stimulate pets and encourage physical activity.

  • Healthy snacks dispensed via Munch’s remote control

Remote control system ensures fuss-free treat dispensing, so no more squatting when feeding pets – just an easy click will do! Even better, Pawbo+ users can watch pets having fun and receiving treats from Munch via the Pawbo Life app on their smartphones, which connects the two units.

  • Modifiable opening for snack input

Compatible with pet treats of all shapes and sizes, the snack input modifier gives owners control over what treats they use within the Pawbo Munch. This means owners can select the right snack type and portion sizes for their pets, helping them choose the right healthy snack and to help maintain a balanced diet for their fluffy companions.

  • Detachable treat container design and easy-to-clean tray

Created to keep living spaces tidy, the detachable snack tray and oval treat container are designed for convenience and ease of use, keeping rooms as mess-free as possible. No spilling out, no falling off surfaces and simple to maintain! The ergonomic bail handle enables easy mobility and carrying if required.

For further information, visit www.pawbo.co.uk.   The Pawbo Munch will be available (RRP £199 / €220) at the end of October.



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PAWBO was introduced to the world as a concept in August 2014, before joining the Acer Group in 2016, as a means of compensating pet owners for having to leave their pets alone at home for most of the time. It was aimed at addressing needs of owners and their pets in a hectic, modern world, where daily demands can often mean regular separation between owners and their beloved furry friends.  

For increased home entertainment for pets, the PAWBO team launched remote and interactive intelligent toys and devices to build an exclusive pet theme park for owners and their animals.

As technology evolves and the demands of pet consumers grow, PAWBO aims to continue expanding its pet product offering worldwide.