Smart Garden’s GroZone setting the new standard in patio greenhouses




Innovation and modern, functional design is at the heart of everything Smart Garden does. The company’s latest offering, GroZone, is no exception. Launched last year, the original GroZone Max reinvented the humble patio greenhouse, repositioning it as a high-quality and credible part of the Grow Your Own category. This journey is set to continue with six new designs bolstering the portfolio in 2018. Continue reading

Retail Lab @ Glee – Preferred Partners: Meadow View Stone

One of the most innovative features at the annual Glee exhibition, the Retail Lab – new for 2017 – has secured backing from a wide range of leading suppliers, who have come on board as either a ‘Preferred Partner’ or ‘Selected Partner’.  Here, ‘Preferred Partner’ Meadow View Stone’s Marketing Director, Sarah Hill, tells us more about the company’s plans for the Retail Lab @ Glee. Continue reading