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Being away from your pet, even if just for a few hours, can be hard. Whether it’s heading to work, visiting friends or stuck in traffic, sometimes knowing your pet is home alone can add additional stress to your day. But what if you could keep in touch with your four-legged friend? Introducing the Pawbo+  – the latest pet care innovation to hit the market.

Pawbo+ is set to revolutionise the way pet owners interact with their pets whilst away from home, even while on holiday. Offering the latest in innovative technology, the Pawbo+ is a special interactive camera that is controlled via the free PAWBO Life app (compatible with iOS/ Android platforms). Via this app, pet parents can not only hear and see their ‘fur babies’ but they can also interact with them. With the Pawbo+ you can keep your pets in the palm of your hand wherever you are.

As well as the fun factor, Pawbo+  delivers added benefits for pets. In particular, some pets can suffer from separation or anxiety issues brought on by being left home alone for long periods of time. Playing a game with them can be an effective way of reducing these issues, keeping them entertained and relaxed while their owners are away.


Key features: Pawbo+

  • Treat dispensing camera designed for small dogs and cats, enabling owners to reward their pets for good behaviour straight away
  • 720P HD live video and 130° Wide-Angle Lens, supported by high-quality sound


  • Allows up to eight users to chat with your pet through Pawbo+  at one time, with all users able to operate the interactive functions simultaneously
  • Six built-in ringtones to attract your pet’s attention
  • Built-in games for interacting with your pet, with the capability of extending functions via wireless connection
  • Laser pointer game that owners can control manually or set to play automatically
  • Push-to-Talk function allows your pet to hear your voice at the touch of a button
  • All photos and video recording is saved directly to user’s smart phone

 Pawbo+  Combo featuring PAWBO Catch

The launch of the Pawbo+  package means double the fun for all pets and their owners, thanks to the latest add-on accessory to the Pawbo+, the PAWBO Catch. 

The PAWBO Catch provides more interaction between pets and their owners remotely. Its random programme stimulates and exercises pets’ minds, all at the click of a button!

Offering a simple set-up, connecting with pets while owners are away from home – whether at work, running errands or even on holiday – has never been so easy. PAWBO Catch comes with a cat teaser stick, which will keep pets entertained for hours.  This clever gadget can be powered by Micro USB or 4 size AA batteries.

The PAWBO Catch, alongside the benefits and features of the Pawbo+  allows users to ensure they stay connected with their furry companions, wherever they are.


Key features: PawboCombo

  • Remotely controlled Interactive Cat Teaser to create more FUN with your lovely cats!
  • Via the PAWBO Life app users are able to control multiple Pawbo+  devices and operate multiple Pawbo+  accessories
  • The PAWBO Life app is also compatible with social media platforms, enabling users to instantly upload images of their pets
  • Two-Way Talk means owners can hear and speak with pets anytime, anywhere.
  • Light chasing game controlled from a phone, entertains pets manually or set to play automatically.


Reward pets with PAWBO Cat Treats

 What’s great about the Pawbo+  is that not only does it entertain pets, it rewards them with delicious, nutritional treats at the same time too, thanks to a new addition to the PAWBO product portfolio, PAWBO Cat Treats.

To complement the Pawbo+, these special nibbles can be dispensed anytime as a treat or reward in between meals, as and when feline owners choose, just by one tap on their smartphone via the PAWBO Life app. No more worrying about treats getting stuck in the dispenser, as PAWBO Cat Treats have been designed and created to work exclusively in partnership with the Pawbo+.

Available in two mouth-watering flavours – Chicken, Duck & Turkey or Salmon & Trout – cats will be spoilt for choice and what’s more, these rewards are nutritious and healthy, maintaining their freshness. Formulated with Europe’s leading nutritionists, there are no added synthetic flavourings or colourants and both contain 80% freshly prepared fish or chicken, with the latter being gently steamed cooked.

For cats with dietary requirements to consider, these tasty little snacks are also made with hypoallergenic ingredients – so that means no added grain, wheat or wheat gluten – or even added sugar!

Sold as a complementary pet food for cats, it’s advised that main meal sizes are reduced when feeding treats to keep furry felines in a lean and active condition, with  a fresh supply of drinking water always provided.


Lights, camera, action – PAWBO Flash

From dinner with friends, to simply lying in bed that has enforced a ‘no pets’ rule, night time is often a time of absence from four-legged friends. But thanks to the newly launched PAWBO Flash, pet owners can now gain ‘night vision’ so that they can keep a watchful eye on sleeping pets even in the darkest hours of the night.


Designed as a super cute pair of ears that is fully compatible with the Pawbo+ interactive pet camera, the PAWBO Flash helps pet owners to see their pets in the dark, without having to leave the light on. Each PAWBO Flash ear has a built-in light, which shines gentle, soft light into the room, making it easier to capture sight of pets even in dark rooms.

The clever design doesn’t stop there however. Each PAWBO Flash features an light sensor which means that the light automatically turns on or off dependent on the ambient light in the room. Its ‘breathing light’ design—is a comforting light which fades in and out to avoid spooking pets. The built-in sensor also detects the location of pets and will dim once it is in close proximity of the Pawbo+ to avoid damaging pet eyes with over exposure.

Finally, the quality of image that the PAWBO Flash offers is second to none. Unlike existing ‘night vision’ tools, the PAWBO Flash’s light will not show pets as a glassy eyes spectre (see right hand image), instead the light will gently shine to showcase pets in all their multi-coloured glory (see left hand image). Not only will this allow for better imagery capture for sharing with friends and family, but it allows owners to identify any issues in real time.















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