Three common lawn problems & how DJ Turfcare can help

DJ Turfcare, UK lawn care specialists and distributors of Viano lawn fertiliser, has some myth-busting top tips for using feed to create a healthier lawn. 

  1. Regular mowing can take away nutrients

Mowing regularly is essential to keep a lawn neat, and to encourage a thick sward, but every time clippings are removed, nutrients are also taken away from the lawn.  Mulching mowers allow clippings to fall back onto the turf which can save a great deal of time and replenish some nutrients but when left on the surface in clumps they limit light, hinder growth and re-sow any weeds that invariably get caught up in the process.  To guarantee the best results, collect and dispose of grass clippings and then add lawn feed such as the RHS-endorsed Viano Recovery.

Viano Recovery from DJ Turfcare  | RRP £19.99 for 10kg or £39.99 for 20kg

An organic lawn fertiliser, Recovery contains a number of effective ingredients – including Humifirst, a unique ingredient that creates biological activity and acts as a plant growth stimulant – Recovery is perfect for use before laying turf, seeding or as an autumn lawn feed. The lawn develops hardwearing characteristics after application, making Recovery the top choice for use after drought, areas of high footfall and after the scarification process. Like the other products in the range, Recovery is also pet and child-friendly.  Best applied from June to November, available from all garden centre stockists and online –

  1. Weedkiller and scarifying aren’t the only ways to remove moss

A problem for many lawn owners looking to renovate their lawns in autumn isn’t just the bad back caused from using a rake and considerable downward pressure to remove moss – it’s also the cost and time spent applying moss specific herbicide on top of adding any additional fertiliser.  With Viano MO Bacter – a special slow release organic lawn fertiliser that actually digests moss – the need to use chemicals and the subsequent raking away of unsightly debris is completely eliminated.

Viano MO Bacter from DJ Turfcare  | RRP £20.00 for 7.5kg or £39.99 for 20kg

MO Bacter is an organic-based, slow release fertiliser for lawns, which destroys moss as a secondary action.  It is easily spread, contains no chemicals, is pet and child-friendly, as well as being designed to not harm surrounding plants.  Another benefit from using MO Bacter is the noticeable lack of unsightly black debris that usually arises from using chemical moss removal products.  MO Bacter is also endorsed by RHS Wisley and should be applied March – September, available from all garden centre stockists and online –

  1. Lawns don’t have to look dead during dormant periods

Although we like to think of winter gardens as snow and frost covered – the reality is far from this fantasy, with many of us often looking out upon a dull expanse of lifeless turf that we aren’t able to start rectifying until spring.  With all the rain we get it can also mean the soil becoming increasingly more acidic throughout.  However, by using magnesium-rich, RHS endorsed Viano Bio-Lime from DJ Turfcare, which as well as increasing the pH to prevent moss encroachment it also sustains a much richer green colour throughout the usually dull winter period.

Viano Bio-Lime from DJ Turfcare  | RRP £22.99 for 7.5kg or £39.99 for 20kg

Bio-Lime combats the acidic and sour conditions that can be an ideal environment for moss to thrive, by ‘sweetening’ the soil to raise its pH.  It also contains a healthy bacteria that eats thatch and dead moss – as well as magnesium, which helps the lawn to maintain its colour throughout the cold winter months.   Best applied between September and December, available from all garden centre stockists and online –


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Did you know?

Due to their organic easily soluble composition, DJ Turfcare’s Viano Organic lawn fertilisers do not stain surrounding patios, stonework or paths.  In fact, when MO Bacter was used by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, remarkable results unfolded in which two inches of moss was virtually eliminated within six months.  Not only that, but there was also no need for any additional work to remove debris and the gravestones appeared completely unmarked.

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