Johnsons enhances lawn seed and salesforce at Glee

At this year’s Glee, Johnsons Lawn Seed (DLF) launched its next bestseller to the market, Lawn Thickener, demonstrating the quality of the product in living displays, whilst also announcing a newly expanded national salesforce.

Lawn Thickener is the UK’s leading grass seed supplier’s latest innovation, and comes after another 12 months of developments in state-of-the-art seed production technology.  The product guarantees 30% more grass than uncoated grass seed, as well as faster germination and establishment. Thanks to the Seedbooster® pre-applied slow and fast release Nitrogen coatings, not only is the need to sow seed and fertiliser separately removed, but new sowings will now result in harmlessly deterring birds from pecking away at freshly sown seed.

Displaying the product live for the first time at Glee using turf samples grown just days before, DLF’s Consumer Manager Guy Jenkins said:  “All of the products that bear the Green Lawn Technology logo are the result of over a hundred years of research and development, and Lawn Thickener is one of our most advanced yet.  With its unique Seedbooster fertiliser coatings we’ve created something that is not only more effective, but also more precise in its application.  This makes it safer for children, pets and the environment.”

Johnsons Lawn Seed has also added two new members to its North East sales force, Helen Thompson and Chris Paul, both of whom are part of Workforce Agencies Ltd, who also represent Johnsons Lawn Seed in the North West.  The North East territory was previously held by sales agent Cliff Bowers, who retired this summer after 17 years representing DLF.

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Image: Johnsons Lawn Seed’s stand at Glee 2017

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