Smart Garden’s new Flamboya brand sets the industry standard in garden décor

With 110 new products lined up for the 2018 season, as well as Smart’s existing Ornamental, Topiary, Obelisks, Arches, Wind Spinner and Ménagerie collections, the breadth on offer from the market leaders is unrivalled. Moving into the new season, Smart’s new garden décor ranges will be positioned under the new Flamboya brand, making it even easier for retailers to make their range selections. A number of exciting sub-brands have also been confirmed.

The popularity of Smart’s existing garden stake range has meant that further expansions will boost the company’s offering in 2018. Under the Flamboya brand, numerous new designs have been added, from “Loony” and “Barmy” stakes which include a bright and colourful selection of fun garden stakes for adults and little people, through to the stunning ‘faux’ flowers that added eye-catching detail to bed, borders and plants. There’s also a selection of shabby chic flower stakes, so delivering styles and colours to cover all tastes. All garden stakes are available in easy to shop displays, designed to drive impulse and gift purchases.

It’s not just the flowerbeds that will get all the attention, thanks to the new range of ‘Hangers On’. This fun selection of decorative animals, insects and beautiful decorative glass balloons are made to adorn trees and bushes and can be fixed to hangers and hooks. Perfect for indoor use also, the Hangers On range is set to be another bestseller.

Smart Garden’s Ménagerie has also been extended and rebranded under Flamboya, with the unique Bobbly Birds, a whacky collection of colourful metal birds and the amusing Polka Pets. Smart predicts that the Bobbly Birds could be the new sales phenomenon of 2018.

The Chorus Chimes sub-brand represents the next generation of wind chimes. Since the Roman era, wind chimes have been used to create a relaxing background tune and deliver a soothing welcome home sound, although some people believe they ward off evil spirits! The 20 chimes featured under the Chorus Chime brand will deliver a selection of enchanting melodies, with many tuned for ‘Perfect Tone’.

From sound to sight, further garden décor additions include the new InSpinner collection of hanging spinners. InSpinners are a great way of adding colour and light to the garden. By capturing the sunlight and adding a flash of holographic colour, many afternoons can be whiled away watching the relaxing and mesmerising movement of these decorative spinners. The new collection features 17 different Spinner options, with sizes and colours starting at £14.99, along with seven-helix and double helix designs with their gorgeous crystal glass globes intertwined in the centre which sparkle as they spin in the wind, from only £5.99.

Both the Chorus Chimes and InSpinners come in beautiful newly designed packaging and can be supplied with a stunning merchandiser which incorporates lights and motors to show off the products to best effect in-store. Consumers will be captivated by the display and hence these spinners and chimes should be easy pick-up lines.

The Easy Basket range welcomes three new Basket Bouquets that will add instant impact in any garden or conservatory and are available for £9.99 retail, along with two new Lebelia designs at £12.99.

Finally, two expanding Willow Leaf Trellises will be introduced. With such versatile applications – from increasing privacy to screening to décor – these new trellis designs will drive sales year-round, making them a must-have for retailers wanting to extend their key sales periods.

These complete an exhaustive and diverse selection of garden décor.

Jonathan Stobart, Managing Director at Smart Garden Products said: “Garden décor represents a key area of growth for us, and we believe that the Flamboya range – and supporting sub-brands – will set the new standard for quality, breadth of product, and merchandising support. We are excited for the industry to see what we have been working on, and look forward to seeing it in-store come spring 2018.”

To find out more, be sure to visit the company at Glee 2017 – Hall 18, stand L20-M21. Further details about the company’s existing garden décor collections can be found at, or contact your Sales Manager.


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