The Skylark Maize Maze: 10 things you never knew!


  • The Skylark Maize Maze is the largest in East Anglia. In total the maze covers an area in excess of 12 acres! That’s the same size as 12 football pitches or 192 tennis courts!
  • The maize used within the Skylark Maize Maze is a tropical crop, and needs warm wet weather to thrive. As you can tell, we like a challenge here at Skylark! On average there will be 20,000 plants per acre.
  • At Skylark we use a special variety of maize called ES Ballade by Grainseed Ltd. It grows up to 2.4 metres in height.
  • The 2017 maze marks the 12th maze at Skylark.
  • Previous designs have include Minions, a map of the world, a monkey-tastic safari theme, and the infamous Lord Kitchener ‘Your Country Needs You’ poster.
  • In total the maze features 3km of pathways – that’s almost 200 calories burned, though expect to burn a few more as the adrenaline kicks in!
  • Each year, over 15,000 people visit the Skylark Maize Maze, travelling from across Norfolk, Cambridgeshire and further afield.
  • The average time to complete the maze is around 45mins, but that doesn’t account for getting lost!
  • We’re award winners! In 2015 the Skylark Maize Maze won an award for ‘Best Tourist Attraction in Fenland’.
  • The Maize Maze trend started in Anneville, Pennsylvania USA, however the first mazes date back almost 4,000 years to the times of Greek mythology.

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