Connect with your pets poolside this summer

As we head into holiday season, no doubt some of us will soon be packing for sunnier climes. The thought of a week or more away from the daily stresses is enticing, but for pet owners, it can also be a difficult time as it means separation from their loyal, four-legged sidekicks.  Now there’s a solution that enables you to connect with your pet while you’re away, so you can be rest assured of their wellbeing as well as your own as you kick back and relax.

 Ever felt a pang of regret leaving your beloved pet behind while you enjoy a trip away? Maybe you feel guilty that while you’ll de-stressing and indulging yourself on holiday, your dog or cat is waiting at home, pining for your return? Thanks to Pawbo+, you can now put these worries behind you and your ‘petsickness’ will soon be a thing of the past!

The Pawbo+ Wireless Interactive Pet Camera is an interactive wireless pet treat cam and treat dispenser, all in one! The two-way communication and 720p stunning live streaming makes it simple to listen and talk to your pets anytime, anywhere – including by the side of the pool – providing you with an unforgettable visual experience that’s the next best thing to being back at home with them. It’s also ideal for when you’re out at work or on the move, as Pawbo+ allows that bond to remain so you feel connected to your pets even when you’re not physically with them.


The amazing video recording capability enables your footage to be directly downloaded into DropBox cloud storage, enabling you to store up precious memories and keep on file forever. Plus, to enhance the experience, the built-in interactive Light Pointer Game, multiple sound effect and treat dispenser allow you to play and interact with your pets, all via a simple one touch function.

You can also snap photos and share your pets’ adorable images on Facebook, twitter and Instagram for instant social sharing. Friends and family will never even tell that you’re away from them! The easy to set up PAWBO Life app supports iOS 6 or above for iPhone, iPad and iPod) and android 4 or above for other smartphones and tablets.


So, why not give yourself a real break this summer, and buy yourself some peace of mind with this fabulous interactive camera that enables you to keep in touch with your pet at the touch of a button, wherever you are.

For further information, visit The Pawbo+ Wi-Fi Pet Camera is now available (RRP £169/€199) from Amazon.



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