Deco-Pak’s sand offers full educational play experience

Deco-Pak’s Play Pit Sand features helpful additional on-pack content – and now a new website – designed to help create the complete educational play experience. 

Deco-Pak Play Pit Sand Handy pack – approx. 10kg – RRP £2.99

Brand new medium size, comes with easy to carry handle. An ideal starter pack for small spaces.

Deco-Pak Play Pit Sand Large – approx. 15kg – RRP £3.99

Large but manageable size, perfect for tipping manually.  The cleanest, safest way to start your own sand pit in the garden.
The website, launched this month, is an evolution in Deco-Pak’s packaging, and signals a commitment to providing a consumer facing brand to assist retailers and their customers.With eye-catching, colourful packaging and illustrations, the new Play Pit Sand is the full package – featuring how to information, examples of learning and sensory activities as well as a link to the new website – – which goes into more detail.

Deco-Pak’s Play Pit Sand is safe, non-toxic and fully tested for BSEN1177 impact absorption and BSEN71-3 chemical toxicity and is popular with schools across the UK.  The company is raising awareness and funds for Greenfingers charity through sales of the product, the popular garden industry charity that helps childrens hospices to create and enhance outdoor spaces for their patients and families.


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