Maximising sales PAWBO shares its top tips for retailers

Since its launch, the Pawbo+ Interactive Pet Camera has been busy connecting pets and owners when life gets in the way. Whether from the office, out at lunch with friends, or from faraway holiday locations, pet owners have never before been able to keep their pets so firmly in the palm of their hand. Offering retailers a significant profit opportunity, here the experts at PAWBO share some top tips for maximising sales, and encouraging longterm customer loyalty.

TOP TIP 1: Live demonstrations

Pawbo+ is a true winner due to its simplicity. From its sleek packaging, to the super quick set-up, getting started with the Pawbo+ couldn’t be easier, which is why having a live demonstration running in-store at the point of sale could convert interested parties into direct sales. Consider setting up a Pawbo+ instore, and encourage customers to download the Pawbo Life app, which will connect them to the unit on display (each Pawbo+ unit can have up to eight concurrent users at one time – just remind them to disconnect after trialling the unit instore). Experiencing the product firsthand will alleviate any concerns at the point of purchase, an advantage that very few products can boast.

TOP TIP 2: Link with animal section for exciting live feed

Any store with live animals has an added advantage, in that they can use the Pawbo+ to generate some fantastic social media content. With the capability to download 15 minutes of video footage to DropBox, social media savvy stores can utilise this content for their website, as well as fun, interactive content on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Why not also consider setting up a live feed to the Pawbo+, focusing on some of the little critters on offer instore that are looking for their forever home. This is a great way of generating far reaching audiences, as well as a format for competitions that will encourage high engagement rates. What’s more it is a really unique way to find new owners for those animals looking for homes – think of it as an interactive adoption drive, as well as a dual purpose operation as sales will increase across both the live animal and pet tech sections of the store.

TOP TIP 3: Stack ‘em high!

Thanks to the compact packaging of the Pawbo+, retailers have the opportunity to secure high value sales, without having to dedicate large amounts of floorspace to the product. A simple stacked display will deliver a significant return on investment, compared to other traditional pet products.

Why not also consider building high-impact product displays that bridge both the pet and technology sections of your store. Thinking outside of the box, and positioning the Pawbo+ in dual locations increases the possibility of sales.

TOP TIP 4: Customer engagement

Encourage customers to engage with your store, and open up ongoing lines of communication, by encouraging them to share their Pawbo footage via your store’s social media channels. Again, this is a great way to build your customer database, provide your business with a voice, drive sales and encourage repeat business.  Consider launching supporting competition for the best image/caption to encourage repeat sales etc etc.

At a glance: Pawbo+

  • Treat dispensing camera designed for small dogs and cats
  • 720P HD live video and 130° wide-angle Lens, supported by high-quality sound
  • Allows up to eight users to chat with your pet through Pawbo+ at one time, with all users able to operate the interactive functions simultaneously
  • Six built-in ringtones to attract your pet’s attention
  • Built-in games for interacting with your pet, with the capability of extending functions via wireless connection
  • Push-to-Talk function allows your pet to hear your voice at the touch of a button
  • Via the Pawbo Life app users are able to to control multiple Pawbo+ devices and operate multiple Pawbo+ accessories
  • The Pawbo Life app is also compatible with social media platforms, enabling users to instantly upload images of their pets
  • Supports video storage via Dropbox, allowing a maximum 15 minutes of video recording.
  • Don’t let the fun stop with the PAWBO Theme Park: a selection of exciting new accessories designed to enhance the level of interaction possible with the Pawbo+. The Theme Park currently includes the PAWBO Catch – ideal for keeping feline friends entertained for hours.


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