4 Insect Hotels designed to attract long term guests

four-season-insectDecorative birdhouse and feeders supplier Deco-Pak has launched four new insect hotels – each one designed with the help of wildlife experts.

Insect hotels are compact, all-in-one wildlife habitats that are used to improve the diversity of compact ecosystems.  The focus is on bumblebees and other solitary insects that rely on being able to find a cosy hidey hole for winter and as a safe place from predators at other times in the year.  For cities or built-up areas, installing a sanctuary for insects will help to increase overall wildlife activity, help with pollinating plants, and provide a valuable educational experience for children.


Insect hotel buyer’s guide – what to watch out for

  • Does the product offer sufficient protection from wet weather? Make sure the roof protects all openings and allows rainwater to run off
  • Watch out for insect hotels that aren’t designed for use in the UK. A tell-tale sign is the mention of ‘leafcutter’ or ‘red mason’ bees listed on labels, as these species do not inhabit the UK.  That means the nesting holes will be too big for our own domestic bees, risking exposure to the elements and predators
  • Open ended designs – these will not provide adequate cover, funnelling wind through
  • Glass or plastic tubes will cause condensation and fungus moulds so always go for products containing natural materials


New products from Deco-Pak

In many modern gardens, particularly in suburban or urban areas, space comes at a premium for most – let alone a wildlife habitat that can keep your compact ecosystem thriving.  Deco-Pak have four new insect hotels that ensure the balance of nature can be restored to any size of outdoor space.  28.5cm x 9.5cm, 40cm high

  1. Four Seasons, RRP £9.99 each

four-season-insectBright colours will certainly attract buzzing bees, so they’ll certainly be effective in terms of quickly attracting guests.  Once they arrive, a multitude of different sized rooms provide a variety of sizes of shelter, contained within a fun house-shaped structure.   Includes wood shavings, pine cones and bamboo, painted sloping roof and hook for hanging.




  1. Boutique, RRP £12.99

boutique-insectWith a protective two-part metal roof, all guests in this specially designed habitat will be kept dry.  Butterflies are especially well catered for thanks to the spacious grill areas that are covered by veneers that allow just enough room for them to slide in and out.  20cm x 10cm, 25cm high





  1. The Lodge, RRP £12.99

 lodge-insectDeco-Pak’s Lodge insect hotel is a great way to cater for a wide variety of invertebrates in a compact space.  Solitary bees will love the bamboo canes on the middle level, and by keeping them in your garden guess where the first stop on their nectar harvesting list will be!  15cm x 9cm, 26cm high





  1. The Tower, RRP £19.99

tower-insectAt over 49cm high, the tower has the space to house whole colonies of critters that will help you get the most out of your garden.  Supplied with a metal roof, the structure contains bamboo and wood shavings – Ladybirds (the larvae of which of course devour aphids and greenfly) will particularly enjoy checking into the penthouse suite!  30cm x 10cm x 49cm high


Deco-Pak’s new Insect Hotels are available as part of an extensive range of decorative birdhouses and birdfeeders.



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