Introducing Pawbo+ Connecting pets & owners wherever they are

pawbo-4Being away from your pet, even if just for a few hours, can be hard. Whether it’s heading to work, visiting friends or stuck in traffic, sometimes knowing your pet is home alone can add additional stress to your day. But what if you could keep in touch with your four-legged friend? Introducing the Pawbo+ – the latest pet care innovation to hit the market.

Pawbo+ is set to revolutionise the way pet owners interact with their pets whilst away from home. The latest in innovative technology the Pawbo+ is a special interactive camera that is controlled via the free Pawbo Life app (compatible with iOS/ Android platforms). Via this app, pet parents can not only hear and see their ‘fur babies’ but they can also interact with them. With the Pawbo+ you can keep your pets in the palm of your hand wherever you are.


At a glance: Pawbo+

  • Treat dispensing camera designed for small dogs and cats, enabling owners to reward their pets for good behavior straight away
  • 720P HD live video and 130° Wide-Angle Lens, supported by high-quality sound
  • Allows up to eight users to chat with your pet through Pawbo+ at one time, with all users able to operate the interactive functions simultaneously
  • Six built-in ringtones to attract your pet’s attention
  • Built-in games for interacting with your pet, with the capability of extending functions via wireless connection
  • Laser pointer game that owners can control manually or set to play automatically
  • Push-to-Talk function allows your pet to hear your voice at the touch of a button
  • Via the Pawbo Life app users are able to control multiple Pawbo+ devices and operate multiple Pawbo+ accessories
  • The Pawbo Life app is also compatible with social media platforms, enabling users to instantly upload images of their pets
  • Supports video storage via Dropbox, allowing a maximum 15 minutes of video recording






The benefits of Pawbo+

There is no doubt that having a Pawbo+ at home offers a number of significant benefits for both pet and owner. As everyday life means time away from the home, this can often impact on the happiness of your pet, with long periods of time seeing them being left on their own. But with the ability to keep in touch, and more importantly to interact with them, this time becomes much less stressful.


With the rise of apartment living, more and more of us are continuing to live in close quarters with many others. This in itself can impact on the decision to even purchase a pet, through fear of excessive noise or destructive behaviour by your pet whilst home alone. However, with Pawbo owners can now control and soothe their pet from their office, lunch date or afternoon shopping. The video storage option, along with the live feed, also means owners can look in-depth into their pet’s behaviour in their absence, enabling them to take steps to improve the environment in which their pet is left.

An additional benefit of the Pawbo is the fact that it offers an additional security measure to your home. Double the peace of mind concerning your own personal sanctuary, and four-legged friend is invaluable.


Find out more

Pawbo+ is available for purchase via <Insert localised e-commerce site/ retailer) for just £169/€169.99. To find out more please visit or visit Why not also join the Pawbo family on Facebook and Twitter – visit our pages to find out more.


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