Embracing the grey

fb6aI’m fortunate to live in one of the most picturesque locations in the UK known for its beautiful scenery but I’m not getting it today. The Cotswolds hills I can normally see out of my office window are shrouded in rolling (and depressing) grey mist. A perfect example of a first world problem yes, but its also a perfect analogy of that post-Christmas slump most of us feel. Make no bones about it, January is grey. A whole fifty plus shades of it.

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Loving what we do……

I Love My Job

This Christmas break I was sat around with a group of friends and talk inevitably came round to work. Most of my friends were lamenting having to head back to work but I found myself keeping quiet as *gasp, shock, horror* I didn’t echo their frustrations. My friendship group has a really broad range of employment; from lawyers and doctors, to event managers, logistics experts, corporate managers, estate agents and even one who spends their day in the woods helping children to develop more outdoorsy skills.  You can safely say that we all have very different jobs, and I doubt that any of us have ever experienced the same career challenges or stresses. So why the dislike regarding heading back to work? Continue reading

New Year’s resolutions: make and break time

newyearsresolutionsYes, I know. We all make them and some of them may last a bit longer than a Star Wars movie trilogy but the majority are a flash in the pan, lost in oblivion even before Big Ben’s New Year chimes have faded. So what can we do to ensure we stick to the resolutions we set for ourselves? Or even, should we bother making any resolutions at all? Continue reading