Filtering through the aftermarket

filter-cutawayThe fast-growing automotive filter specialist, MANNOL UK – home of the SCT-Germany aftermarket brand – is gaining more share of the market thanks to its rapidly expanding oil, air, fuel and cabin air filtration offering. Garage & MOT Professional provides a brief snapshot of each filter’s function.

 Extract and expel

Air filters are indispensable to protect the engine against damage because of solid particles such as mineral dust, soot and mineral particles in the combustion air. SCT air filters trap particles down to 70 micrometres size, to ensure a long engine lifetime. It is recommended to change the air filter every 15,000km; it’s also important to bear in mind that a polluted air filter leads to increased fuel consumption due to reduced air permeability.

 Breath of fresh air

Cabin air filters are essential to protect your health from hazardous contaminants in the air you breathe. SCT cabin filters trap pollutants such as pollen, soot and combustion residues down to 15 micrometres in size. The high concentration of various types of contaminants in the environment can lead to allergic rhinitis, eye watering or breathing disorders. Due to its importance nearly every car is equipped with this type of filter.

Fuelling efficiency

Fuel filters are necessary to protect the engine against damage because of solid particles such as mineral dust, soot and organic particles in the duel or diesel. SCT fuel filters trap particles down to 30 micrometres in size, to prolong engine life. The requirements for fuel filters are varied and challenging. Therefore, each fuel filter has to be developed according to engine requirements, fuel quality and expected exploitation conditions.

Purifying performance

Oil filters are developed to purify engine oil from all kinds of contaminants such as combustion and wear residues. SCT oil filters are designed to trap particle sizes in accordance to the engine requirements. Most vehicles require a filtration down to 70 micrometres particle size. Oil and oil filters should be changed in accordance to the car manufacturer’s recommendation, as polluted oil leads to increased fuel consumption and increased wear.

The SCT-Germany brand: the filtration differential

  • Constant supply of engine oil through the bypass valve
  • Prevention of filter discharge through the check valve
  • Steady pressure against the filter housing and corrosion
  • 100% separation of contaminated oil from purified oil to ensure a consistent level of engine performance

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