Heading for the slopes: essential checklist

ski-resort-shutterstock-copyIt’s that time of year again when ski resorts are open for business and enthusiasts head for the many pistes dotted around Europe. Bosal, supplier of market-leading towbars and roofbars, knows a thing or two about being prepped for the slopes and offers some top tips for the ultimate skiing trip.

Raise the bar

If you’re taking your own skis and snowboards with you, roof mounted ski and snowboard bars allow you to travel with your gear securely on your roof, freeing up the interior of your vehicle. Having quick and easy access is key, so that as soon as you undo the locks, your gear is ready to go. Roof bars come in a variety of designs and sizes, with the flat style being the most popular.

Think thermal

Invest in a good set of base layers. Avoid cotton as it’s inefficient at keeping you warm and make sure you pile on the layers! Ski specific thermal socks should be part of your essentials kit, and hands should be covered with gloves that not only keep them warm but provide the correct fit.

Suited and booted

Buy a sturdy pair of waterproof snow boots with good grips on the sole that can deal with icy slopes, stairs, snow drifts and slush. All white ski gear is a no-no as it will get dirty quickly and being camouflage against the snow is potentially dangerous. Check the tags for your gear’s waterproof and breath-ability ratings and always opt for warmth.

Ultimate protection

Opt for a pair of quality – not fake – goggles or sunglasses, as eye protection against the sun is crucial, particularly as it is very strong and reflects off the snow.  If you’re a novice, go for an orange or pink ‘universal’ lens that is suited to all conditions, while goggles with lenses for bright days and ones for overcast days may be better for the more seasoned skier or boarder.

Whether you rent or buy a helmet isn’t important, but what is crucial is to simply wear one – reportedly they can reduce head injuries by between 21 to 45%.


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