G Plants take on heritage ‘Bees Seeds’ brand and launch new Disney range at Glee

Disney GPlants GardeningStand 19C10, Glee 12th-14th September

G Plants is renowned for its growing gifts, extensive range of seed collections, bulbs and garden ornaments – and this year at Glee they will launch a heritage seed brand alongside children’s gardening products including an exclusive range of brand new Disney garden products.

Garden Centres visiting Glee will also get to see an old name returning to the fore – Bees Seeds. Dating back to 1912, Bees Seeds’s heritage packaging has been given an updated old-english style with hand drawn illustrations that will appeal to those looking to buy premium seeds, bulbs and gifts for the core mature garden centre audience.  The Bees Seeds range will also include unique new growing kits in various exciting new formats that will also include extras such as compost and sweet pea netting.

G Plants’ Director Alex Reihl said: “By resurrecting the Bee Seeds brand, we have created a range of products that although do not display the G Plants logo, are all produced with the highest specifications, with seeds and bulbs coming from European stock, packaged in our own factories to ensure quality and quantity.”

“In addition, our license agreement with Disney is very exciting not just for us or our customers – but for children’s gardening in general.  Parents will soon be able to buy growing kits, garden ornaments and other fun garden products featuring their child’s favourite characters.”