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Hornby Whitefoot PRTurmoil. Uncertainty. Shock. Words we have become all too familiar with over the past week or so, following the vote for Brexit.

It’s at a time such as this that a crystal ball would come in handy, but for now we’re left with speculation as the country attempts to stagger back to its feet in this confusing aftermath. However, as for our clients in both the automotive (aftermarket) and gardening sectors the initial reaction could not be more mixed, if not opposing, reflecting the ‘split’ vote.

According to Horticulture Week1, the horticulture industry is now ‘braced for change’ after Britain voted to leave the EU, with the National Farmer’s Union’s President Meurig Raymond stating “the vote to leave the European Union will inevitably lead to a period of uncertainty in a number of areas that are of vital importance to Britain’s farmers.”

Even TV gardener Monty Don said that it felt “like a terrible mistake”, with garden writer Nigel Colborn fearing that neonicotinoids, the insecticide that poses a grave threat to bees, “might be back in universal use” post Brexit. Garden designer Andrew Fisher Tomlin was “heartbroken”, predicting “a serious impact on horticultural colleges and landscape departments that rely on international students”.

In contrast, 80% of independent garages backed leave2, citing illegitimate workers and the restrictions of EU legislation as two key factors. According to one garage owner the result came as “no surprise” and “free movement has directly affected wages”.

However, according to influencers from both industries, it’s not all doom and gloom. Automotive parts manufacturer BM Catalyst’s Managing Director Toby Massey, who previously came out in favour of staying in the EU, said: “What version of Britain awaits us on the other side of these troubled waters is potentially a much more prosperous place – so there’s room for much optimism as well as natural trepidation.”

Garden designer Janine Pattison was also more upbeat, saying it was “easy to be all doom and gloom, but the reality is, having not only survived but thrived as a practice through the recession of 2008 by working exceptionally hard and offering an outstanding level of service, our attitude is ‘business as usual’. The world will keep on turning.”

Only time will tell. Now, where is that crystal ball . . .

If you’re a business owner, you might want our help to navigate the economic turmoil and communicate your way through the uncertainty. It is essential now more than ever to engage with your customers both in the UK and globally, and seize this opportunity to state a strong position.

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