Traditional wooden greenhouses back in fashion

Forest Vale Greenhouse 10x8 RRP £1,999Timber greenhouses have long been the number one choice for horticulturists and those looking to invest in a centrepiece for their garden.  Garden timber specialist Forest, has just brought out three brand new greenhouse designs, and shares with us eight reasons why its timber greenhouses are the most desirable of all garden structures.

Forest’s new Vale 10 x 8 Greenhouse – RRP £1,999 including delivery and assembly

Natural, traditional look

Timber frames look natural and complement the garden – meaning you can invest in a structure you can show off – instead of an eyesore you have to hide!  Forest’s greenhouses have been specifically designed to complement similar timber garden products – especially Forest’s extensive pressure treated range.


Better at maintaining a constant temperature

Expert horticulturists maintain that this is the main advantage of a timber construction over plastic or metal.  Forest’s greenhouses are all made from fine  sawn softwood which has excellent insulation properties, as well as aesthetic appeal. The improved insulation properties allow gardeners to grow more, faster, and with a greatly improved chance of success with germinating seedlings and providing protection during cooler nights.  The tongue and groove panels around the bottom help to also provide shade for plant pots and beds, stopping compost and therefore plants roots from getting too hot and drying out.

Structural rigidity

The reason for their esteemed place in the horticultural world also comes from the fact that timber structures are designed and manufactured to stand up to wind, rain, scorching sun and the weight of heavy snowfall.  Forest’s greenhouses even feature a taller than average door frame that is taller than built right up to the rafters to provide extra rigidity.

Long lasting

Forest’s new Vale 8 x 6 Greenhouse – RRP £1,499 including delivery and assembly

Each of Forest’s new greenhouses are constructed from FSC pressure treated timber, guaranteed against rot for 15 years.  Pressure treatment is a technique that involves specialist machinery to apply preservative in such a way that it penetrates deep into the timber.  Many other treatment techniques such as staining are only applied to the surface of the wood which means the protection on offer is  limited, so  the ongoing upkeep requires a large commitment of time, effort and cost in retreating.

Can be painted easily

If you do have a pressure treated greenhouse, you can still apply wood stain or add a coat of paint to add further protection and to create a unique look.  There are an unlimited number of options when it comes to paint – with a wide range of ready made colours available.  Most paint their greenhouses to match the colour of windows and doors – or other garden features such as arbours, furniture and sheds.

Easy to modify

Forest’s new Vale 6 x 4 Greenhouse – RRP £1,099 including delivery and assembly

Compared to plastic and metal greenhouses, timber framed models allow you to fix hooks, shelves and other items inside and out with the minimum of fuss.

Any damaged parts can easily be fixed and replaced

If an unfortunate accident does occur – you can rest assured that any carpenter will be able to easily rebuild any part of the structure that has suffered any damage.

Toughened glass

Forest’s traditional style greenhouses feature modern 4mm toughened safety glass meaning breakages are less common and replacements are much easier.

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