The easy path to an instantly refreshed garden


Creating a pathway in your garden might seem like a complicated job that requires a lot of backbreaking work, and expert knowledge. Thankfully, it’s easier than you’d think, and according to Deco-Pak – a Yorkshire based family company that supplies everything you would need to lay paths, driveways, patios and more – there are a ton of benefits when choosing to use gravel over other surfaces.


Advantages to using gravel on your garden paths
• Low maintenance – pressure washing and sweeping not necessary, fewer weeds
• Low cost (value for money)
• Instant impact – a tried and tested way of refreshing any outdoor space
• Added security – the crunchy sound under foot is well known to deter intruders
• Frost proof – ice won’t go between cracks and break up as it might with paving and setts
• Effective drainage – particularly on a very slight slope and with ground control fabric

Craig Hall from Deco-Pak says: “You could spend several days and hundreds of pounds, putting in a path made of concrete, paving or tarmac. A gravel path is not only more attractive but it also won’t break your back or budget. Traditionally, decorative aggregate is a path (and driveway) material that takes little skill to install. An afternoon to get it down and you’ll soon have a natural-looking, weed-free way to walk through your perfect landscape.”

Easy how to: Create a luxurious rustic path
Step 1: Choose a relatively flat, low traffic site for your walkway and dig out a path to a depth of 2-4 inches.
Step 2: Place large stones, single file, along both edges. Deco-Pak’s range of boulders and rockery stones, available from garden centres, are ideal for this purpose.
Step 3: You’ll need a permeable landscaping fabric to separate your gravel from the soil beneath – and to suppress weeds. Deco-Pak’s professional grade, heavy duty, Ground Control Fabric (RRP £7.99 for a 10 x 1m roll) is ideal – just ensure there is at least a few inches overlap each side of your path. Tuck the fabric under the stones and you’re ready for the final step!
Step 4: Choose a decorative gravel to lay over the path. Some prefer a round pebble style covering as it is less likely to get compacted, others a more angular and crunchy surface. If you aren’t sure how much gravel to buy – there’s a handy gravel calculator on Deco-Pak’s website:



Find out more
All products are available from garden centres nationwide, in either large packs (which are each approximately 20kg), and bulk bags, of approximately 850 kg which can cover around 12 m².

Deco-Pak is a Yorkshire based family company that supplies UK garden centres, builders merchants and DIY stores with everything needed to lay paths, driveways, patios and more.

You can browse products by visiting, connect via twitter @deco_pak, or call the customer service team on 01422 204394 to find your nearest stockist.


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