National Gardening Week Project: Quick and easy Terrarium

Outdoor living brand La Hacienda has just launched a new range of terrariums that will appeal to anyone looking to get green fingered – without the need for horticultural expertise, acres of land or even a small garden or balcony.  

55567 La Hacienda Victorian style Terrarium medium white Easy to make and maintain, it’s plain to see why indoor terrariums have become so popular – for those just starting out, or simply just wanting to introduce some greenery indoors, this is an ideal project.

For moisture loving plants such as ferns and mosses, terrariums are perfect.  In terms of watering, these mini ecosystems are ultra low maintenance once planted up, as moisture is contained within and the only worry is watching out for any dead or dying leaves that might cause fungal diseases.

Step 1: Choose your terrarium


  • Victorian style terrarium | medium | white | 29cm high, 29.5cm x 15.5cm RRP £24.99
  • Victorian style terrarium | large | black | 30cm high, 30 x 20cm deep RRP £29.99
  • Grey steel concrete and glass terrariums – available in two sizes both at RRP £16.99. Pictured: ‘Petros’ Nurture and Grow terrarium | grey | 36.5cm high, 15cm²

Step 2: Add a layer of pebbles followed by a layer of compost, adding in a few pieces of charcoal if possible to add beneficial nutrients and enhance the moisture retaining qualities of the soil

Step 3: Place your plants, rocks and any other small items of interest – get creative – this is your own little world so anything goes!

Step 4: Add a little water or spray with a mister and place in a light place, but away from direct sunlight.

You can also choose succulents, orchids and other plants – just be careful not to mix drought loving plants like cacti with moisture loving plants like ferns.  If you wanted an even easier way, you can of course just insert your pre-potted plants into the terrarium and admire your “hard work”!  

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