National Gardening Week: Get that luscious looking lawn

Lawn1Perfect green lawns – oft lusted after yet largely forsaken due to what might seem an impossible task or one that requires expertise and round the clock care. Lawn care experts Johnsons Lawn Seed say National Gardening Week (11th-17th April) presents a great opportunity to make those first baby steps in getting to grips with your grass, either for the first time or after years of struggling to solve what may seem to be incurable problems.

April is a great time to have a good look at the current state of the lawn after the initial few cuts. You might need to get rid of any weeds, and where moss is a problem, you can apply moss killer. Remember to sow lawn seed as soon as you remove the dead moss as any bare patches will simply attract more moss. Experienced gardeners may apply lime to raise the soil’s pH to help deter moss – but here is an even simpler way…

How to prevent moss – the easy way!jls
After removing moss from the lawn, rake the bare soil into a tilth (loose soil) and following the simple on pack instructions, sow handfuls of Johnsons Lawn Seed After Moss – RRP £9.99 for 500g (20 sq. metres) over the affected areas. After Moss features a special variety of Dwarf Amenity Perennial Ryegrass, uniquely coated with calcium carbonate, gently raising the pH of the soil and deterring moss in the long term.
After sowing, use the back of the rake to cover the seeds with the loose soil and then water, continuing to keep the seeds moist until they have germinated. You’ll need to try and deter any birds from eating the seeds for at least a fortnight, and once germinated, keep off the seedlings until they have fully established, which can take a few months depending on growing conditions. Top tip – mow between 50mm (2in) and 2cm (1in) high. Mowing is your main weapon in the fight against moss – but you must not mow too low for fear of taking off those lovely thick leaves that allow the plants to prosper and thus push out any weeds or moss.

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