Deco-Pak’s Chelsea Horticultural range: Bridging the knowledge gap amongst new & emerging consumers


Priding itself on delivering both practical and stylish solutions for both large and small-scale garden and landscape projects, Deco-Pak has recently added extra value to its Chelsea Horticultural range.

 The addition of inspirational on-the-pack information, plus a suite of new supporting YouTube content, has helped the Chelsea range to become one of the most informative available on the market today.  Offering first-class growing media products, the range has proven its worth amongst consumers who are looking for new solutions to common garden projects. The Chelsea Horticultural collection has also established its popularity amongst new and emerging gardeners, something that can be attributed to the interactive nature of how the range is merchandised in-store.

 Craig Hall, marketing manager at Deco-Pak said: “Our Chelsea range offers all the products needed to complete common garden and landscaping products, but more than this it arms consumers with the confidence to make educated decisions at the point of sale. In doing so, we believe we are helping to bridge the gap in knowledge that is so often associated with the younger and emerging consumer base that is finding its place within garden retailers.  The on-the-pack information offers instant guidance in regards to usage and top tips, whilst our YouTube content provides handy step-by-step guides that offer additional peace of mind, and a tool of reference, post-purchase.”

The Chelsea Garden Range Logo

An overview of the Chelsea Garden Range

Horticultural Sharp Sand RRP £3.99

Quality lime-free sand that can be used to break up clay and improve drainage and aeration.

Horticultural Grit RRP £4.49

Ideal pot topping to improve drainage and aeration within compost and soil.

Lytag RRP £5.99

A unique lightweight aggregate that acts as a water retention agent, ideal for use in all weather conditions.

Horticultural Pea Gravel RRP £3.99

This washed, lime-free gravel is perfect for top dressing to retain moisture in containers as well as use in propagation.

Horticultural Silver Sand RRP £3.99

Quality lime-free silica sand that can be used for seed compost, cuttings and lawn top dressing.

Horticultural Alpine Handy Packs – Sands & Gravels RRP £2.99

Easy carry packs for smaller gardening projects – these functional sands and gravels are also ideal decorative as a pot topping for alpines, rockeries and indoor plants. Improves drainage and aeration.

The Chelsea Range is also supported by a pallet merchandiser that features links and QR codes to expert advice, making the stand highly interactive.  Also featuring clear multi-buy offers, the stand is designed primarily to sell product quickly, using optimum use of space within busy outdoor areas – making it the perfect choice for retailers.

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