Deco-Pak’s Heritage Wildlife Collection: providing habitats for all ‘visitors’ to our gardens

Birdhouse & Feeder LogoDeco-Pak’s first foray into handmade homes and feeders for birds has been a renowned success, with retailers and consumers clamouring to get their hands on the architecturally inspired range. A recent reinvention of the offering has created an even more attractive proposition, thanks to the vintage and heritage themed packaging. Plus, with the introduction of exciting Insect Hotels, the collection is now more appealing than ever.

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So what is PR?


We’re often approached, either out of the blue or when we’re attending industry events, by many businesses asking what PR actually is. What can we do for them? Well, let me attempt to set the record straight on public relations.  Continue reading

Long Service Award celebrations at Forest Garden

Long_Service_Awards_4Forest Garden is a company that is well renowned for providing market-leading garden timber products, but it also takes pride in offering its staff the opportunity to develop a long term career, and to become part of the company’s future development. As a result, Forest is home to several members of staff which have been helping it to carve out its niche for the last 30 or so years. These special members of staff were recently celebrated with a Long Service Award ceremony. Continue reading