Lawn seed for areas at risk of floods and other harsh weather

X4 New Formula 500g BoxesLawn seed for areas at risk of floods and other harsh weather

 With last December officially reported as the warmest month on record, and the wettest in more than a hundred years, many gardeners could be returning to their lawns this spring with a degree of uncertainty.  Guy Jenkins from DLF/Johnsons Lawn Seed says that these conditions, although disheartening, can be easily overcome thanks to recent research and development breakthroughs in grass seed technology.

 Those of us that may have suffered snowfall, waterlogging or severe flooding may already be itching to get back into the garden to get their lawns back into shape, and with respect to flood prevention, a well maintained lawn is vital  in providing drainage.

Before you get back out there…

Timing wise, sow between March to October, and don’t rush back onto your lawn until the water has fully subsided, however tempting it might be.  Treading on wet, saturated soil will easily result in compaction, further reducing aeration and drainage.

Once the ground has become workable again, we can get to the business of replacing lost grass, which thanks to new improved varieties of seed, is possible even at temperatures as low as 3˚C.

Raking soil over, to form a fairly fine tilth, will ensure optimum germination rates.  If you have experienced flooding, do make sure the water has drained away and the soil is dry enough to work.

New improved lawn seed blends from Johnsons Lawn Seed

2016 will be an even better year for the UK’s lawns thanks to Johnsons Lawn Seed’s extensive grass research and breeding programme.  Bestsellers General Purpose, Quick Lawn, Quick Fix and Tuffgrass have all been improved, making them quicker to germinate and establish, with improved drought (and flood) tolerance, require less maintenance, are greener all year round, and can be successfully sown at lower temperatures than ever before.

What lawn seed should I use?

 Best for flood risk areas

New improved Quick Lawn – RRP £5.49 for 250g (up to 10 sq.metres), £9.49 for 500g (20 sq.metres), £22.99 for 1.5kg (60 sq. metres) and £51.99 for 5kg (200 sq. metres)

Includes: Fine-leaved Dwarf Perennial Ryegrass, Strong and Slender Creeping Red Fescue, Smooth Stalked Meadow Grass and GroMax lawn seed dressing.

Benefits: The Red Fescue and Ryegrass varieties give a fine appearance with added drought and flood resistance, whereas Smooth Stalked Meadow Grass is hard-wearing and extremely productive in a wide range of soils.  The addition of GroMax will not only spur seeds on to establish quicker, it will also add extra nourishment to the root system – ideal for poorer quality soils.

Best all rounder

New improved General Purpose  – RRP £4.49 for 250g (up to 10 sq. metres), £7.49 for 500g (20 sq.metres), £16.99 for 1.5kg (60 sq. metres) and £45.99 for 5kg (200 sq. metres)

Species included: Fine leaved Dwarf Perennial Ryegrasses and Creeping Red Fescue

Benefits: Excellent wear and tear, speed of establishment and good appearance make it a great choice for beginners.  Ryegrass is suitable for a wide range of soils, is hard wearing and quick to establish.  When mixed with the Red Fescue, this mixture helps to produce a luscious green grass with a strong root system that is also suited to low temperatures.

Best for early sowing

Any Time  – RRP £4.99 for 250g (up to 10 sq. metres), £7.99 for 500g (20 sq.metres), £17.99 for 1.5kg (60 sq. metres)

Species included: Amenity Annual Ryegrass, Perennial Amenity Ryegrass and Amenity Ryegrass, and Red Fescue

Benefits: Any Time is a unique blend of grass seed that is suited to all conditions and can be sown at any temperature above 3˚C.  The first to establish (which within normal conditions will be between four to seven days) are the Amenity Annual and Amenity Perennial Ryegrasses.  These two species establish quickly and help to suppress weeds, thus creating an ideal environment for the Amenity Ryegrass and the Red Fescue.

Best for poor drainage

After Moss  – RRP £9.99 for 500g (20 sq.metres)

Includes: Dwarf Amenity Perennial Ryegrass, Calcium Carbonite

Benefits: If you have difficulty keeping your lawn moss-free, AfterMoss could be the answer. This lawn seed is uniquely coated with calcium carbonate, which gently raises the pH of the soil, deterring moss in the long term.  Top tip – Once fully established, mow at 50mm (2in) high to allow the best prevention from moss.

 Best for quick establishment and strong growth

The 1 – RRP £7.99 for 500g (20 sq. metres) and £17.99

Species included: New breed of fine leaved Perennial Ryegrass

Benefits: Launched in 2015, ‘The 1’ is still the fastest establishing seed and a great all-round premium quality product that creates a thick lawn without the need to mow more frequently.  Its unique, larger than average Perennial Ryegrass seeds are packed with energy and nutrients to give seedlings the best possible start.

Find out more

 The Johnsons Lawn Seed website has a ‘product selector’ making it easy to find the right grass seed for any purpose, whilst also showing the additional benefits to using each blend.

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