New insect control keeps bugs – and mildew – at bay

Grab-a-Grub CMYKExperienced seed, bulb and fertiliser supplier G Plants, has expanded its product offering with the introduction of Grab-a-Grub, a unique form of natural insect control that also protects against mildew.   The easy spray-on solution stops greenfly, aphids, mites and blackfly in their tracks, without harming bees, butterflies or any other pollinating insects.

Grab-a-Grub, available as a 750ml spray, is a natural sugar based alternative to chemical insecticides and is labelled as an ‘Organic Green & Blackfly Sticky Control’.  When applied to the leaves of the plant, the product forms a coating that keeps smaller bugs stuck to leaves and petals, preventing them from causing excessive damage to the plant whilst also allowing larger pollinating and predatory insects to continue to feed unhindered.  The newly discovered formula, proven in independent trials and developed with experts, is suitable for application to flowers, shrubs, fruit and vegetables.

Part of the new Bee Friends™ range, Grab-A-Grub has gone through rigorous testing which led to the discovery of surprising extra benefits.  G Plants Director Alex Reihl explains that Grab-A-Grub was developed with the help of a sugar and starch expert who discovered the benefits – and positive side effects – of our newly formulated solution after testing on agricultural crops.  Final stages of testing showed that the product successfully stopped smaller insects from damaging plants without affecting pollinators.  But it wasn’t until we found mildew in our control area – and not on the test plants – that we realised this was a product that had real potential.”

G Plants’ new Bee Friends Grab-A-Grub spray is the latest addition to the growing stable of brands available from G Plants that also include Shake ‘n’ rake™, Bavicchi seeds and best selling Speedy Seed™ grass seed.

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