Law firm donation sets wheels spinning at Fort Royal



A donation from Worcester-based law firm Harrison Clark Rickerbys has given children at Fort Royal community school in Worcester the freedom to zoom round the playground, with two new trikes getting the new school year off to a racing start.

The firm’s own charitable trust gave the school £410 to buy the trikes, which went into action straight away this week. Margaret Jones, the school’s grant administrator, said: “They are great – they came in the holidays and we got them out for the children on the first day.

“Some of our children have very limited mobility, and the trikes give them real freedom to get around the playground, play with their friends and really join in. That has a knock-on effect for their language and communication skills and for their enjoyment of school. These extras make a massive difference to the children and we are so grateful for the support from the charity.”

The school has 180 pupils aged 2-11, drawn from a wide area including Malvern and Droitwich, with a very wide range of physical and educational needs – each class has no more than 9-12 pupils in it because of the complexity of the highly individual needs which must be met.

Mat Waddington, from the Harrison Clark Rickerbys Charitable Trust, said: “I am delighted that the trikes have been so welcome – we have supported Fort Royal before and we know that the work that they do has a major impact on children’s lives.”