Sogefi reaffirmed as leading filter supplier for UK’s top selling car makers

Andrea Taschini, General Manager of Sogefi Aftermarket Business Unit (457x640)Sogefi filters and modules fitted on eight of the top 10 selling cars,

including the top four from leading UK brands.

Guyancourt, June 04, 2015 – Sogefi continues to be the supplier of first choice for filters and filter modules to manufacturers of the UK’s best-selling cars according to the international technical information specialist IHS (Information Handling Services). These components are fitted on eight of the 10 best-selling cars in the UK last year, as they are on eight of the top 10 most popular cars sold in Europe in 2014.

Sogefi filters are found on the four best-selling UK cars – Ford’s Fiesta and Focus, which both have Sogefi diesel filter modules and oil filters, and Vauxhall’s Corsa and Astra, which both have Sogefi oil filter modules.

Other UK top 10 sellers with Sogefi filter components include oil filter modules on the Fiat 500, Nissan Qashqai and Juke, the oil filter on the VW Polo and the air filter module on the Qashqai.

Large potential

One particular contract secured from Volkswagen Group demonstrates the level of confidence top OEMs have in Sogefi as an innovative partner. The Italian-based company has developed the spin-on oil filter for Volkswagen Group’s three-cylinder 1.4 TDI “Blue Motion” engine. This engine will be available on all vehicles built on the group’s PQ25/A05 platform and the Sogefi filter will be used for all three engine variants – 75, 90 and 105 HP.

Top selling cars already fitted with this engine include some of Europe’s best sellers, the VW Polo, the Audi A1 as well as the Skoda Fabia. They will soon be joined by the popular Seat Ibiza. Within the next three years, therefore, this one filter will be on over a million vehicles in Europe.

The Sogefi aftermarket replacement filter for this engine (Fram® PH11788, CoopersFiaam FT6134, Purflux LS992) is already available. It meets exactly the same high standards of operating efficiency of 50% of particles > 17μm and of 90% of particles > 27μm as the original part. With such wide applications and a service interval of 30,000 km, it will quickly become an aftermarket best seller.

According to Andrea Taschini, General Manager of Sogefi’s Aftermarket Business Unit: “Our success as a premium supplier of high quality original equipment to leading OEMs across Europe, including car makers in the UK, Germany, France and Italy, is the result of our commitment to innovation. This research also highlights the huge sales potential that this success represents, in turn, for our Aftermarket parts distributors.”

The UKs top selling cars: Sogefi’s original equipment in full

No. 1 Ford Fiesta ·         Oil Filter

·         Diesel Filter Module

No. 2 Ford Focus ·         Oil Filter

·         Diesel Filter Module

No. 3 Vauxhall Corsa ·         Oil Filter Module
No. 4 Vauxhall Astra ·         Oil Filter Module
No. 6 Nissan Qashqai ·         Oil Filter Module

·         Air Filter Module

No. 7 VW Polo ·         Oil Filter
No. 8 Fiat 500 ·         Oil Filter Module
No 10 Nissan Juke ·         Oil Filter Module

Profile of Sogefi Group

The Sogefi Group, founded in Italy in 1980, is a world leader in automotive components for original equipment and the aftermarket. The company is a partner of the leading manufacturers of cars and commercial vehicles worldwide and is the market leader in Europe and South America.

Within the Sogefi Group, the Suspension Components Business Unit is the third largest manufacturer of suspension components worldwide. The Engine Systems business unit is one of the leading manufacturers of modules for filtration, air intake and engine cooling systems.

The Aftermarket Business Unit is a leading supplier of automotive filters in Europe, both for the original (OES) and for the independent (IAM) aftermarket. Its aftermarket brands Purflux, Fram®, CoopersFiaam and Tecnocar (in Italy) offer the automotive industry a complete range of oil, air, fuel and cabin air quality filters for all the major American, European and Asian OE manufacturers. Sogefi Pro is the aftermarket brand offering specific filters for applications in commercial vehicles.

The Sogefi Group is listed on the Milan Stock Exchange. In 2014, the Group recorded a turnover of €1.35 billion. The company has a global presence that includes 42 production sites and 16 sales offices in 21 countries and employs approximately 6,700 employees worldwide.

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