How comprehensive are your flexible benefits schemes?

Dawn OliverExpert advice on the benefit of end of life planning for employees

In recent years, there has been an on-going debate in the media about employers who fail to implement family friendly policies to allow parents to organise their working lives around childcare and other home responsibilities. In this special feature, Dawn Oliver, Head of the Private Client team at leading law firm, Harrison Clark Rickerbys, explores the benefit of offering another type of family friendly service.

Flexible working patterns – such as the provision of childcare vouchers and onsite nurseries – are becoming more and more commonplace with obvious benefits for employees.

However, some forward-thinking companies are going one step further and helping parents provide for the safety and security of their children in a much more subtle but essential way by offering a Will writing service as part of its flexible benefits scheme. This essential service is, in Dawn’s opinion, as important as offering childcare vouchers and flexible working hours.

Having children and settling down is a key time when making a Will should be uppermost on our ‘to do’ lists. However, with limited time and pressure on the family finances it can often be ignored and dismissed as a non-essential spend.

Despite this, most people agree that they need a Will, but not everyone knows why they should make one without delay.

If a person does not make a Will then on their death they will have died intestate. This can be as painful as it sounds for loved ones who may suffer financial hardship and distress at a time when they least need it, whilst the affairs are sorted out.

With a Will, the legal process is easier and therefore less expensive – and much less painful during a period when loved ones will need all the help that they can get.

Importantly, a parent of young children will have no control over who looks after them should the worst happen, without a Will in place. In such circumstances, the courts will appoint someone on their behalf – someone that they may not have chosen. When drawing up a Will, guardians of choice can be appointed to look after children until they reach the age of eighteen.

Offering a Will writing service to employees through a specialist firm of lawyers is a simple solution to this important issue. The service can be offered as part of a benefits package, the cost of which can be salary sacrificed. In addition, employees have the added assurance that they are guaranteed a good service and level of expertise because the company will have carried out a due diligence report on the provider.

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