New stylish Artevasi indoor and outdoor planters

JASMIM_This spring it couldn’t be easier to add beautiful colour and style to your home and garden, thanks to the launch of the new range of Artevasi planters.

Launching to the UK market by La Hacienda – exclusive sole UK distributors of Artevasi – the range has been created with the modern home in mind.  Featuring a colour palette of neutral tones, delicate pastel shades, and vibrant brights, each planter – no matter its size – will breathe new life into its surroundings. What’s more, everything in the Artevasi range is produced from high-grade polypropylene (plastic), making them highly durable and functional, as well as shatterproof and impact resistant. All pots are also made from 100% recycled materials and are suitable for any climate, thanks to the inclusion of frost and UV resistant properties.

From tabletop planters, to troughs, hanging baskets and tall planters, there is an Artevasi pot for every plant. The collection has also been created to provide flexible and inspirational ways to display plants around the home or garden. Planters can be wall mounted to make a wall of living colour, hung from hooks to elevate planting schemes, or quickly and easily fixed to fences, trees and any other vertical surface to create eye-catching floral displays.  The sleek design, a trademark of the Artevasi range, will also work perfectly in both traditional and contemporary settings.

Artevasi’s dedication to home planting doesn’t end there as some larger models are also supported by a dedicated irrigation system. Designed to deliver the right amount of water to plants when it is needed most, the Artevasi irrigation system means owners can spend less time watering their plants, and more time enjoying them.

A relatively young and dynamic company, Artevasi combines innovation and technology with its synthetic pot production. The company’s history in pot making stretches back through several generations, learnt from one of the oldest ceramic pot producers in Portugal. Inherited skills are allied with modern techniques to produce visually stunning pots made to the highest quality.

Simon Goodwin, Director at La Hacienda said: “We are extremely excited that we have the opportunity to work in partnership with Artevasi to provide stylish, contemporary and extremely beautiful pots to enhance and nurture the nation’s plants. The brand fits perfectly into our portfolio, and we have no doubt that it will be no time at all before Artevasi pots find their way into UK households.”

The Artevasi collection is available from a wide range of retailers across the UK and start from just £1.99.

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