Greenfingers Garden Re-Leaf Day 2015

Greenfingers Garden Re-Leaf Day 2015Garden Re-Leaf Day is the main public fundraising event for Greenfingers, the national children’s hospice gardens charity.  Now in its fourth year, Greenfingers Garden Re-Leaf Day will see garden centres put on special events to raise money for the Rosy Cheeks Fund, now in its final year, and get the nation gardening on the Friday before Easter, 27th March 2015. Continue reading

Lawn lore: Your year-round guide to the lawn you’ll love

DLF-Trifolium Græsplæne / Roskilde Foto: Søren Wesseltoft 28.06.2012The perfect garden lawn is practical to use, lovely to look at and an asset to your home.  But we all have different requirements, and varying garden conditions.  Whether your lawn is patchy from heavy use, growing sparsely due to shade or lacking the luxury touch there are some simple steps to achieving your ideal lawn all year round, advises Johnsons Lawn Seed expert Guy Jenkins. Continue reading